Kate Garraway emotional as cancer patient, 7, reunites with family after 75 days apart

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Seven-year-old Zeke Puig, who suffers from a rare combination of life-threatening cancers was separated from his family for 75 days as he had to isolate during the coronavirus pandemic. As he has undergone treatment, he has only been able to be with his mum, Danielle. As Good Morning Britain hosts Kate Garraway and Ranvir Singh watched a video of Zeke reuniting with his siblings, they admitted they had tears in their eyes.

In the video clip, Zeke’s mother can be heard telling his siblings to keep their eyes closed.

The seven-year-old is then seen walking quietly into the room to surprise them.

Once his siblings open their eyes, he jumps up and hugs them as they’re overwhelmed with the reunion.

Commenting on the heartwarming clip, Ranvir began: “Shall we look at this lovely video, Kate, with the little boy who has been having chemotherapy and he hasn’t seen his siblings for 75 days because, of course, the family had to isolate.”

“Because you’re so much more susceptible, aren’t you?” Kate replied.

Ranvir continued: “So Danielle Puig is the mum and she surprised her other children with this lovely moment when the seven-year-old Zeke, they haven’t seen him since September.

“She got all of her children to close their eyes.”

“They didn’t know what was coming did they?” Kate chipped in.

Ranvir explained: “No, he wandered in and they opened their eyes.

“After 75 days of not seeing your very, very poorly brother. Isn’t that lovely?

“It brought a tear to our eye in news this morning.”

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Kate, who sounded emotional, commented: “We can’t really speak about it. They’re just screaming with delight.

“I guess these are the people for whom we are tolerating restrictions for, to make it safe.

“When you see that family has had to go through and be apart, it does make it easier to cope with some of the restrictions I think anyway.”

Kate was in the presenting hot seat this morning as Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid take a two-week break from GMB.

The pair will be absent for two weeks due to half-term before returning to host the US election for five days a week.

Piers revealed: “Yes! The good news is – I know you’ll be missing us – we’ll be back for the US election week and we’re going to be there all week, all five days.”

Unlike in 2016, Piers and Susanna will be hosting from London instead of America.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am.

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