Kate Garraway fans urge her to hope and share miracle coronavirus stories as husband Derek is still in intensive care – The Sun

KATE Garraway fans have urged the television star to have hope and shared miracle coronavirus stories as her husband Derek Draper fights for his life.

Kate, 53, and her Good Morning Britain co-stars have been giving regular updates on Derek's condition ever since he was placed into an induced coma almost three months ago.

Although Derek is now virus-free,  he is battling organ damage and last week, the TV presenter told The Sun she had been warned by doctors her husband may never fully recover.

Now fans have been trying to lift Kate's spirits by sharing hopeful stories with her.

Retweeting a miracle story about one man's father who was in a coma for four weeks, one fan wrote: @kategarraway there is hope, so much hope."

"The man who originally told the story about his father then replied: "There really is. There were several times when i thought he's not going to make it.

"Every positive seemed to be met with 2 negatives but the staff or my dad never gave up. I've tried getting this to Kate but i don't think she's using Twitter at the moment (sic)."

Upon hearing the news that Derek is now out of a coma, another fan wrote: "Glad to hear your Derek is out of a coma and non covid. More and more people are coming out of hospital.

"Sure they will be weak but thats to be expected, be positive, fighting off covid was amazing to do, he can do the rest. Miracles do happen. xxx"

Another person wrote: "Praying for your Derek @kategarraway thinking of you and your family at this difficult time. Remember god only gives strong people a cross to bare, stay positive, he's gonna be fine, keep faith. Sending love xxxx."

Other Twitter users continued to praise Kate for the emotional interview she gave on Good Morning Britain last week, where she spoke about Derek's condition and how it all began.

"You did so well with your interview last week. We miss seeing you on tele. Hope this week has been a positive for you and your lovely family and Derek is staying strong xxx," one person tweeted.

This week, Kate's co-star Susanna Reid said her pal is "hoping for a miracle" that Derek will "break through".

"Watching my friend Kate Garraway describing her husband Derek Draper’s condition on Good Morning Britain was heartbreaking," she wrote in her Daily Mail column.

"She has such strength even to be able to put into words what she and their children are going through. Derek… has been in intensive care for almost three months after contracting Covid-19 in March.

"Kate is hoping for a miracle in his recovery and for him to break through… Derek is a strong, clever, insightful man devoted to his gorgeous wife and children."

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