Kate Garraway fights back tears as boy with cancer is reunited with his family on emotional GMB clip

KATE Garraway fought back tears as a young boy with cancer was reunited with his family during an emotional clip on Good Morning Britain.

The telly presenter, 53, and co-star Ranvir Singh showed a sweet video of seven-year-old Zeke Puig reuniting with his three siblings after 75 days apart having isolated away from his family to make sure he wouldn't catch Covid-19.

Ranvir, 43, introduced the touching footage of the young boy, who suffers from acute myeloid leukemia, surprising his brothers and sisters for the first time in over two months.

She said: "Shall we look at this lovely video Kate, of the little boy, who has been having chemotherapy and he hadn't seen his siblings for 75 days because of course, the family had to isolate…"

Kate added: "Because you're so much more susceptible aren't you?"

The Strictly star continued: "This is Danielle Puig is the mum, she surprised her children with this lovely moment where their seven-year-old, that they haven't seen since September.

"She got all the other children to close their eyes and then he wandered in and they opened their eyes.

"After 75 days of not seeing their poorly brother. Isn't that lovely? It brought a year to our eyes."

And Kate was left utterly speechless by the heartwarming moment caught on camera.

She added: "We can't really speak about it. They're just screaming with delight.

"And I guess these are the people for whom we're tolerating all these restrictions for aren't we?

"To make it safe and when you see that family has had to go through that and what it meant to them, it makes it easier to cope with some of the restrictions anyway."

Kate knows too well how important it is for everyone to follow the new restrictions put in place as her husband Derek, 53, is still in an ongoing fight for his life after contracting the deadly bug at the end of March.

Four days after being rushed to hospital, the former lobbyist was admitted to intensive care and entered a coma as his condition continued to deteriorate.

Two months on and Kate made an emotional appearance on GMB to tell viewers that her husband was "very very sick" but "Covid free", and that they are not sure if "he will recover".

Then in July they received the positive news that Derek had woken from the coma and was able to open his eyes.

At the end of September it was revealed how Derek's six-month Covid battle is now longest in the UK.

Kate, who has taken up gardening to keep her mind off of things, admitted that she was tempted to show Covid rule-breakers a picture of her beloved other half to make sure they stick to what they're supposed to do.

The I'm A Celebrity star and political advisor share two children together, Darcey Mary Draper, 14, William Garraway Draper, 11.

Earlier this month Kate revealed that the pair haven't seen their dad for seven months as he continues to battle coronavirus complications in hospital.

The seriously ill dad-of-two has spent most of his time in hospital in intensive care and was in a coma for months after the virus ravaged his organs.

Speaking on GMB, she said: "Derek still hasn't been allowed, even though he's tested positive for the virus… his children can't visit, his mum and dad haven't seen him.

"I personally believe actually believe him having contact in that room could possibly be of great benefit to have a physical presence. There are children that have died with their mums and dads not allowed to see them."

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