Kate Garraway latest – Derek Draper's daughter Darcey fears they'll 'loose dad' in heartbreaking Finding Derek film

KATE Garraway and Derek Draper's daughter Darcey revealed she feared she'll "loose dad" in ITV's Finding Derek documentary tonight.

Derek, 53, contracted covid-19 last March and remains in hospital to this day, having spent much of the past year in a coma.

Kate, 53, has been documenting Derek's long, slow recovery in Finding Derek after coronavirus ravaged his body, causing his liver, kidneys and heart to fail.

In tonight's programme, the GMB star's daughter discussed what it was like seeing her dad when asked if it was scary seeing him in hospital.

She replied: “It’s not really scary in the way that he looks scary, it’s just scary in the way of thinking we might lose him.”

Kate's documentary tracks Derek's fight for his life and how they plan to live their life afterwards.

As she reflected on the type of care her husband will need when he leaves hospital, Kate adds: "The truth is as much as I may think I have the answers all the time, Derek doesn’t need me. I'm not the person to care for him.

"I obviously will be there 100% completely if Derek needs me, but what he needs is specialist, professional, medical support ongoing – because there is a good chance that he can improve but we need to make sure the support is there now.

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  • Mary Gallagher


    Kate says she is worried about the effects stress and anxiety will have on the health of family.

    Trauma, post traumatic stress will be experienced by Derek and his family, an expert tells Kate.

    And Kate admits: "He will behave different and be physically different, which his family would never wish on them."

  • Mary Gallagher


    Kate is seen in tears for the first time in the documentary as she reveals Derek's breakthrough.

    The scene has left people at home 'in bits' as Derek's first word was 'pain'.

    One said: "We all think it’s awful being stuck in the house. At least we’re not stuck in a hospital bed only able to mouth “pain”. I’m in absolute bits."

    Kate shares news of Derek's breakthrough but is left in tears
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    Kate told viewers she keeps a newspaper from every day that husband Derek is in hospital so he can read them when he returns home.

    She told how "it's like a little capsule of time" for the former political lobbyist.

    She added: "If he can wake up and if he can begin to piece things together, maybe it will help him process the time that's passed."

  • Mary Gallagher


    Kate's GMG co-star and friend of 20 years Ben recalled the moment Kate told him Derek was in hospital.

    He shared his disbelief as the pair discussed how they assumed Derek would be 'fine' and come home within a few days, having heard so many stories of recovery.

    Ben admitted "no one knew" they would be where they are now with Derek becoming the UK's longest Covid sufferer.

  • Mary Gallagher


    Kate and Derek's son said he "hopes his dad will get better and play lego with him".

    Meanwhile, Darcey hoped her dad would be home before Christmas last year.

    One viewer said: "Lost for words. Stay strong."

    Derek's son Billy wants him home to play lego
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    Viewers are already preparing to cry as Kate opened up about Derek's life.

    The psychotherapist was seen on Good Morning Britain supporting Kate during her time in I'm A Celeb – just three months before he fell ill.

    One viewer said: "This is just absolutely heartbreaking #KateGarraway #FindingDerek"

  • Mary Gallagher


    Kate opens the documentary from her sofa in her North London home, and says she hasn't brushed her hair in three days.

    She says Derek is in a vegetative coma and it's "grim".

    She adds: "It's important people see it, not to scare people, as Derek is an extreme case".

  • Mary Gallagher


    Kate has received messages of support as Finding Derek airs now on ITV.

    The presenter shared a message on Instagram, and people quickly got in touch.

    Reality star Jess Wright, whose parents had Covid and Uncle passed away from the disease, said: "Bless you Kate ❤️ sending so much love to you & your family as always. Tonight will be inspiring to watch x x x x"

    Another person said: "Sending you lots of love I will be watching tonight , I lost my dad in March last year right at the start , couldn’t visit or be with him when he passed away I’m beside myself with grief still xx"

  • Mary Gallagher


    Kate opened up about how the kindness of strangers has helped her to remain strong over an extremely difficult and “dark” 12 months.

    She said: "In the darkest of times you can find goodness and love just when you need it most and helping each other is the only way we will get through this grimmest of times.

    "I've learnt about the kindness of strangers. It has been the toughest of times for me and my family, as it has for so many others and the good wishes and sympathy from viewers and listeners has really helped.

    "To know so many people are thinking of me and sending love has given me hope and strength and I'm very grateful."

  • Mary Gallagher


    Kate recently has praised “incredible mums” during the “most challenging year ever”.

    The presenter, who is a judge for the Fabulous Mum of the Year Award, told Fabulous: “Being a judge and choosing a winner this year was unbelievably difficult, and probably the hardest yet. 

    “The last 12 months really has shown us just how many incredible mums from all walks of life are out there. 

    “Every single one of them, going above and beyond to help others in time of need, even during one of the most challenging years of everybody's lives."

  • Mary Gallagher


    Kate only recently returned to Good Morning Britain after revealing that she'd been given extended time off because she'd been struggling to sleep.

    The 53-year-old has been balancing work duties with raising her two children while Derek remains in hospital.

    The difficult circumstances left Kate feeling run down and she was given time to recharge at home.

    "ITV gave me time off as I hadn't been feeling well," she explained.

    "The chickens came home to roost after long year, and I just took some holiday at home. I had a lot of sleep and medicine and feeling much better."

  • Mary Gallagher


    Kate recently said she struggled to sleep after a row with a GMB guest over vaccine passports.

    The heated debate also saw commentator Dominique Samuel accuse Kate of being pro passport, snapping "well you keep interrupting me".

    But Kate argued: "There are people who don't want to take the vaccine but you know we're in a situation where we're all having to do things we'd rather not do…

    "We don't want to stay at home, we don't want to be in lockdown, a lot of people don't want to wear masks, a lot people don't want to do all sorts of things.

    Kate with husband DerekCredit: Rex Features

    "We'd love to go see our loved ones, but we can't. We'd love to go visit the people in hospital, there are many, many sacrifices people are making."

    She concluded: "The argument would be… that if you choose not to have the vaccine, that is your choice, but it has consequences."

    Watching from home, fellow GMB host Piers Morgan wrote: "I think Dominique should surrender her normal passport."

  • Mary Gallagher


    GMB viewers have called for "anti maskers, anti vaxxers and covid deniers" to watch show host Kate and her husband Derek's ITV documentary.

    People on Twitter are also sending their support ahead of the programme.

    One said: "Sending all love to @kategarraway ahead of the show about Derek tonight. Such a sad time but I for one take inspiration and hope from you, Kate, and of course from Derek – and I know people all over the country will feel seen tonight too."

    Another wrote: "Can’t wait for #findingderek tonight on @ITV #nhsworker #thenumbersarenownames"

  • Mary Gallagher


    Kate has applauded her 'extraordinary' children for their reaction to ITV's Finding Derek.

    Ahead of the airing of the one-off programme, Kate discussed how the couple's kids Darcey, 15, and Billy, 11, have coped with their dad's year in hospital.

    She said: "They are fundamentally extraordinary. You know, every child is extraordinary, every parent thinks their child is extraordinary, I think they've coped tremendously well.

    "I mean, the simple act of talking on a FaceTime to a dad who's very changed, it's a huge one. They cope with it in their different ways, they're amazing.

    She added: "They've both seen it, the documentary, I wanted to make sure they had felt comfortable with it."

  • Mary Gallagher


    Viewers are preparing for a sad and uncomfortable watch tonight in ITV's documentary Finding Derek.

    Brave Kate has asked people to reach out to her with their reactions.

    She said on Twitter today: "Thank you so much for all your lovely comments – your support means so much to me and others.

    "I hope you find some comfort and hope from the doc #findingderek tonight @ITV and do get in touch with me to share your thoughts – either here or email me [email protected]"

  • Mary Gallagher


    Kate has revealed it could be 2022 before doctors know what Derek's future holds.

    She might not learn the true extent of her husband's future until two years time.

    Tonight's tear-jerking ITV documentary Finding Derek will see the mum-of-two give viewers an “intimate insight” into her family coping with the impact of Covid-19.

    But Kate remains hopeful that her husband will make a normal recovery.

    Kate remains hopeful for Derek's future
  • Mary Gallagher


    Kate's co-stars Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard were moved to tears on GMB today as they read out tributes to loved ones lost to Covid.

    As they discussed how the country has been affected during the pandemic, the tributes from loved ones seemed to hit home with Ben, 46, and Susanna, 50.

    Susanna shared: "You have been getting in touch this morning with your memories of people who have been lost. Dan says I lost my mum last year on the 23rd March.

    "The days leading up to it I will never forget. Mum lasted until Mother's Day. She passed during the night. This day will be etched in my mind forever."

    Ben continued: "Nat has contacted us saying my husband died during the pandemic. My young children are fatherless, I am a widow, it's absolutely heartbreaking, the loss is unbearable."

  • Mary Gallagher


    Today marked a year since lockdown was announced and it has been a year of loss and a year of grief.

    Hundreds of thousands of people have tragically lost their lives and the pandemic continues to take its toll.

    The National Day of Reflection, organised by the charity Marie Curie, marks one year since the UK first went into lockdown.

    A minute of silence was held at midday on Tuesday, March 23 and a further minute's silence was held at 8pm.

    People were invited to stand outside with a light – be it a candle, a torch or their phone.

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    Kate Garraway: Finding Derek will be available to watch on ITV with Freeview.

    You can also watch ITV live on ITV Hub with a laptop or computer.

    If you miss the documentary, you can catch up on ITV Hub.

    The ITV trailer showed touching images of Kate and Derek from before he fell ill.

    Derek and Kate on their wedding day
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    Earlier this month, Kate made the heartwarming revelation that she was financially supported by her friends when she was forced to stop working when Derek was first hospitalised.

    She explained at the time: "Working in television, everybody does get paid a good wage compared with the nurses who are keeping Derek alive. But that obviously stopped quite suddenly last March."

    Insisting that she wasn't "pleading poverty", the TV favourite added to The Times that she had to rely on her and Derek's friends' "financial support last year while off work".

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    There is less than an hour to go before Finding Derek airs on ITV at 9pm.

    Viewers can expect an emotional hour of television in the no holds barred look at Derek's coronavirus battle over the past year.

    Kate Garraway is approaching the grim one-year milestone of her husband being rushed to hospital with the virus, and he has remained in intensive care ever since.

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    After enduring a difficult year of her husband being in hospital, Kate previously revealed that she still has a long way to go before she can get a proper prognosis.

    Medical professionals told the star back in June that it could take up to two years before they know anything about Derek's future.

    Kate explained: "Derek will need professional expertise because we don’t want Derek to regress, we want him to progress and that demands specific skills.

    "So it's a question of looking at the best way forward. Back last June, they said it could take up to two years for us to know his true future."

  • Mary Gallagher


    Three months into Derek's battle with Covid, Kate's GMB co-star Susanna Reid she was "hoping for a miracle".

    The presenter described Kate's strength during her TV interview last week and said watching her struggle has been "heartbreaking".

    "Watching my friend Kate Garraway describing her husband Derek Draper’s condition on Good Morning Britain was heartbreaking," she said.

    "She has such strength even to be able to put into words what she and their children are going through.

    Susanna Reid spoke about Kate's strength three months into Derek's battle

    "Derek… has been in intensive care for almost three months after contracting Covid-19 in March.

    "Kate is hoping for a miracle in his recovery and for him to break through…

    "Derek is a strong, clever, insightful man devoted to his gorgeous wife and children."

  • Mary Gallagher


    Kate's former GMB co-star Piers Morgan once revealed he wasn't a fan of her political lobbyist husband back in the day.

    He said: "After Kate announced she was marrying her husband Derek Draper, with whom I used to lock horns when he was a Labour spin doctor and I was editor of the Daily Mirror, I emailed her to say: 'If I'd known the bar was that low, I'd have had a crack myself.'"

    However, Derek and Piers were on good terms and Piers supported Kate with regular “heart-rendering” phone calls when Derek was first admitted to hospital.

    He also spoke about the advice he gave his pal – to "treat what was happening like a massive breaking news story and behave accordingly".

  • Mary Gallagher


    Kate revealed Derek got down on one knee and proposed to her for a second time when they were reunited after I'm A Celebrity.

    Derek had intended to pop the question to renew their vows in front of the ITV cameras, but he was so emotional he couldn't do it.

    However, he got a second chance moments later thanks to their children, who were aware of his plan.

    She said: "You’re told you can’t take any jewellery into the jungle. I didn’t want to take my wedding ring off, as I never have since we got married. But I did take my engagement ring off.

    "When Derek came to meet me after I left the jungle, he was planning to propose to me again [with the ring, in front of the TV cameras], but he got overwhelmed and burst into tears.

    "The kids leapt out and surprised me, and Darcey said, "Oh Dad – you didn’t do it!" So he got down on one knee and proposed… and I said yes, obviously."

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