Kate Garraway promised to save husband Derek when he felt like he wanted to die

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Kate Garraway shared an insight into how she copes with life following her husband Derek Draper’s COVID-19 diagnosis a year ago during tonight’s ITV documentary Finding Derek.

But in utterly heartbreaking scenes that left fans in floods of tears, the Good Morning Britain presenter told her partner of over 17 years that she would "save him".

In one of the emotional video calls Kate made to Derek in his hospital bed, as he gradually and painfully struggled through his recovery, the 53-year-old patient was having a particularly bad day.

A frustrated Derek repeated "f*** it" over and over again as Kate tried to understand what her husband was getting at.

Realising he meant that he wanted to die, Kate softly told her husband no as he progressively got more and more upset.

"I don’t know how to cope with it," he sobbed, and the incredibly brave and strong Kate reassured him.

"I know you feel like you’re trapped in your head and it’s terrifying," she said. "But you’re coming home, you’re coming back to your life.

"And you will be the person better than you were before. You will be. And I will find a way to make it better ok?"

In utterly heart-wrenching scenes, Kate then said: "I promised you that I would save you and I’m gonna save you.

"I’ll find a way, but you just have to hang in there, ok? I will find a way," the determined mum-of-two declared.

Also in tonight’s documentary, an exhausted Kate admitted that there’s a "huge challenge" ahead for Derek and the entire family.

Despite that, the presenter smiled as she said: "I’ve got so much to be grateful for and so much to hope for, but god there’s such a long way to go."

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Kate went on to say the biggest difficulty was that Derek is still there in his head but he doesn’t know how to "get out".

Asked what tomorrow looks like to her, Kate finally added: "I just don’t know, I don’t know, but there is a tomorrow.

"That I believe in, and I believe that hope isn’t actually a wish it’s believing that with love you can have something that has purpose about it."

Kate Garraway: Finding Derek is available to stream on ITV Hub now.

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