Kate Thornton reveals she is still reeling from Take That's split 24 years ago after it turned her life upside down

KATE Thornton has revealed she is still reeling from Take That's shock split 24 years ago after it turned her life upside down.

The TV presenter, 48, had just taken on the role as editor of the iconic Smash Hits magazine when the Back For Good singers announced they were splitting.

Kate, who helped put The X Factor on the map after hosting the first two series, said: "It was rubbish. Disastrous. I got the job pre-Christmas. Due to start in January. I was 21 years old. I never thought I'd get it.

Literally I built my first X amount of issues around the idea of Take That, and then they announced they were splitting up!

"Then there were Samaritans helplines, and nobody sold like they did. They were like cover gold. It was massive. For a whole year.

"It started with the demise of the great band, I mean I'd literally did so many memorial issues, and then they all started to do their solo careers. "

Speaking to Ben Hanlin's podcast Ben Behaving Dadly, Kate, whose mum to son Ben, 10, said: "By the autumn, Blur and Oasis were there, then the Spice Girls came along. Another great pop moment in our history."

Gary Barlow was forced to reassure Take That fans they would never have to go through another break up, following the band’s initial split in 1996 which sparked outright bedlam.

With the singer’s increasing involvement in musicals and TV,  coupled with his solo desires, there were genuine fears he might call it a day after their 25th Anniversary Tour in 2018.

But Gary insisted the band would always be active and believed they would one day get back together as a fivepiece – with the estranged Jason Orange who quit in 2014 back in the fold, as well as Robbie Williams.

He told The Sun: "We’re at the point of our career where we feel more excited than we’ve ever been.

"I do picture doing more solo stuff in the future, it’s been a few years since I’ve done that. I don’t think there’s ever going to be an announcement that says, ‘Take That is finished,’ I really don’t.

"I just think it may be different. It may be four, it may be three, it may be five. I think it’s always going to be changing, that bit."

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