Katie Price begs doctors to tell her what's wrong after revealing disgusting secret health battle

KATIE Price has begged doctors to tell her what’s wrong after revealing she’s suffering from extreme gas and bloating. 

The mum-of-five spoke frankly to her fans about her secret health battle that she’s been fighting for years and urged others to go to the doctors if they were suffering too. 

In a video posted to her YouTube channel, Katie, 42, is in the car with boyfriend Carl Woods as the couple make their way to the doctors to speak about her bum – or as Katie bluntly puts it “my a***hole”. 

Talking to the camera, Katie informs her viewers where she and Carl are off in the car. 

“Today is about my a***hole,” she explains. “Well, not my a***hole but my inside. On a serious note, because everyone knows that I’ve been farting for so many years, but my farts have got worse and worse.

“I don’t get any belly ached but I do get a lot of bloatedness,” Katie clarifies for her viewers.

Speaking about the sensitive subject, the former glamour model reveals she knows everyone may laugh about it because talking about flatulence isn’t a topic people really want to talk about. 

However, Katie says: “But mine is beyond funny now.” 

Turning to her boyfriend Carl, who is driving the car, she jokes: “It’s literally like a ferret has gone up there and died. Init?”

Her supportive partner replies in agreement: “It’s horrific.”

Katie, who is currently on holiday in the Maldives, admits that while she and Carl laugh about her farting, there could be something wrong and that’s why they’re on their way to see the doctor.

Going into excruciating detail about the matter, Katie reveals that the doctor wants to put a camera down her throat and up her bum to see what’s going on.

“The doctor said it’s not normal to be passing so much gas,” explains Katie. 

Katie goes on to tell her fans that in preparation for the procedures she’s had to take some sachets that have caused her to “…poo all day like a volcano erupting out of a***hole.”

Viewers will have to wait to find out what’s going on inside Katie’s bum as she and boyfriend Carl are currently soaking up the sun in the Maldives. 

It looks like the couple are making the most of relaxing on their holiday as Carl shared his appreciation for beau when he posted the snap on his Instagram Story last night.

The former Love Islander placed a love heart emoji over the photo, as Katie gazed into the distance.

Her new sophisticated short hair neatly framed her face and she flashed a cute smile.

Carl also hit back at fans last night and said he has never received so much abuse from the public for dating a girl.

He had shared a stunning video of their private island on Instagram but was met with a string of nasty digs about his relationship with Katie.

Some fans spotted the couple on the same Maldives island where Katie's ex Kieran Hayler proposed to his new partner Michelle, whilst others accused Carl of using Katie for money and holidays.

One fan said, "that's where katie married kieran" and another claimed Kieran proposed to new girlfriend Michelle Penticost on the same island, as one more nosy fan asked Carl: "Are you a freeloader?"

Carl shot back: "It’s quite honestly boring. People’s mindless assumptions that just because you are dating Katie Price. You free load, ponce and let her pay. Jog on.”

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