Katie Price belts out ‘put me back together’ as she returns to music studio to record her new album

KATIE Price has been wheeled back into the music studio to record her album Put Me Back Together.

The 42-year-old reality star, who has long harboured dreams of being a pop star, arrived at the Soho studio in her wheelchair.

Pricey, who broke both her feet in a nightmare accident on holiday in Turkey last month, was pushed to the London venue by boyfriend Carl Woods.

She had to be lifted over a step to get in, with Carl taking the handles and producer Rick Live, hoisting the chair up from the bottom.

Pricey is recording an album with the Flex DJ, who remixed X Factor champ Sam Bailey's song Take it Out on the Dancefloor.

Listening from behind the soundproof glass in the studio, he told Katie: "I think your vocals sound great today. Have you had any thoughts on what you want to call the album?"

She answered: "Basically to help people get back together."

But Rick replied: "That doesn't make sense. Start again. What do you want the album to be called you plonker?"

After a moment of thought, Katie said: "I suppose it should be called Put Me Back Together."

The name would be an apt one for Katie, who had had to undergo six hours of surgery to help her walk again.

Pricey is no stranger to the music biz, having launched several assaults on the charts over the years.

The most successful was her duet of A Whole New World from Disney's Aladdin with then-husband Peter Andre in 2006.

The song, released on their K&P Productions label, peaked at No12 in the charts and spent three weeks in the Top 40.

Her 2010 track, club anthem Free To Love Again, hit the No60 spot but left the chart the following week.

Katie also competed for a place in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest with a track named Not Just Anybody.

At the time, she was heavily pregnant with son Junior, and performed on stage in a tight pink leotard to show off the bump.

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