Katy Perry looks exhausted as she collapses in chair at baby supplies store ahead of due date

KATY Perry looks exhausted as she collapses in a chair at a baby supplies store ahead of her due date.

The heavily pregnant singer – who is expecting her first child, a daughter, with her fiance, Orlando Bloom – shared a picture of herself on Instagram as she took some time out.

She captioned the snap: "poopedstar".

Katy wore a grey hoodie and tights for her outing and a pair of green sliders.

She protected herself with a face covering.

Her American Idol co-star Luke Bryan recently revealed she is "pretty close" to giving birth.

Luke told Entertainment Tonight: "I didn't know the exact due date … so I texted her like, 'Hey, just so I can kind of wrap my head around when to really start thinking about you guys and saying prayers and everything,' so she let me know the due date. She's pretty close."

He also joked: "I told her I'm probably gonna send her little girl maybe, like, a little pink BB gun.

"An old country boy version of little baby girl gifts. Pink camo and a pink BB gun."

Apparently Luke and Katy are still in contract negotiations over returning to judge for next season.

The virtual auditions begin next week.

Luke shared: "I am going to speak for myself that I certainly want to be at the judges' table and it is something I love doing.

"I love being on the ground floor of these artists coming in and watching these dreams start to come true and I think American Idol is really really important for music."

"Being there with Lionel [Richie] and Katy, our chemistry is so natural, so real, so fun and I wouldn't miss being at that judges' table for the world,"

"We are just trying to figure out… we are just making sure we are getting our format of doing the show [right] and we are excited about building it."

Katy recently discussed having to postpone her wedding because of the pandemic and the birth of her child.

She said in an interview: “You can’t plan anymore in 2020 because those plans are ­always canceled. We just want to ­deliver a healthy child.

"Everyone has to take life one week at a time right now.”

The singer also said she's been feeling self-conscious in her last trimester compared to her Hollywood heartthrob husband.

“He’s so hot. He’s got a six-pack. I literally look like a square, I look like Shrek.

“Large Marge in charge. Aren’t partners supposed to have that sympathy pound-gain thing?

“Not him, he ages backwards. I think it’s because he gets up at 7am and chants.”

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