Katya Jones in so much pain after bruising ribs in sizzling Strictly Argentine Tango

Strictly: Katya Jones says her ribs are bruised after Argentine Tango

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Olympic champion Adam Peaty hadn’t had the best time on Strictly Come Dancing as he’d been struggling to connect to his routines. However, he came out fighting on Saturday night with a sizzling Argentine Tango with professional dancer Katya Jones. While they impressed the judges, Katya has admitted she’s been in pain due to the incredibly tough lifts, as Adam threw her over his head and even held her in plank position.

The pair joined Zoe Ball on her Radio 2 show to discuss the routine and fans’ reaction to their “near kiss”.

Adam remarked: “It’s easy to get lost in the moment because of the adrenaline because I just get so much adrenaline when performing.

“Especially when she was on my shoulders and my arms were open, I looked at the other celebs at that side of the room and was like, ‘Yes, I am good here.’

“Then my head was like, ‘Right calm down, calm down, because I’m not finished yet.’

“But there was so much emotion at the end that when we finished you made a noise didn’t you.”

“I will tell you Zoe that today, even yesterday, my ribs and my core is bruised, it’s like it’s been hit by a train, it’s in so much pain,” Katya detailed.

Zoe exclaimed: “Oh my goodness me! But I’m not surprised because the strength to hold yourself in that plank position and Adam, you are obviously incredibly strong but are you having to find strength in all different kind of ways that you wouldn’t in a pool?”

Adam replied: “Yeah 100 percent I already feel like my calves and my ankles are getting so much stronger.”

When asked about the “fuss” made over the end of their routine on Saturday evening, Zoe wanted to know if it was “just acting”.

“Exactly,” Katya exclaimed. “The choreographers who help us, because the judges kept saying we’re not connecting the emotion to the dance, there’s got to be more connection.

“So they were very specific about keeping the intensity throughout the entire dance and at the end just keeping that intensity.

“So we made them proud!”

Adam added: “It’s being believable, isn’t it?

“You don’t want to do a dance like that and not do it justice because you haven’t switched on right at the end.

“So it’s being believable, and that’s what I think some people get carried away with. But, hey ho, that’s life, isn’t it?

Adam addressed fan comments on Sunday on his Instagram page too, writing: “We go again, thankyou so much for all your support! Such a relief! (sic)

“To everyone who sees what they want to see, your comments have real life consequences. I will not be lowered or overcome by your gossip.

“Protect your energy. Great to spend some much needed time today with my boy.”

Strictly Come Dancing airs Saturday on BBC One at 7.05pm.

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