Katya Jones issues apology to Strictly Come Dancing viewers after Nicola Adams’ outburst

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Katya Jones, 31, joined Nicola, 38, on the Strictly Come Dancing It Takes Two sofa to reflect on their performance from Saturday evening. The pair were the first duo to take on a Couple’s Choice routine and impressed the judges and BBC viewers watching at home alike with the emotional dance. As she spoke about how she was feeling whilst on the dance floor, the Olympic boxer became very passionate. Nicola ended up dropping an informal slang term into her interview, leading her professional partner to apologise to those who might have been offended.

The pair used props during their performance at the weekend and presenter Zoe Ball, 49, asked if Nicola was worried about a technical difficulty occurring.

“It took me a fair few days to get the flags down. I just couldn’t get the sequence right,” the Olympic boxer explained.

“These b****y flags,” she continued and even though she wasn’t reprimanded by the spin-off show host, Katya knew her partner shouldn’t have used such a word pre-watershed.

Cupping her right hand to her mouth, the professional dancer could be seen mouthing the word “sorry” as she apologised to viewers.

Zoe decided to carry on with the interview, however, and no more expletives were dropped as the pair talked about their upcoming routine.


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