Khloe Kardashian praises Maisie Smith AGAIN saying she wants to ‘uplift’ Strictly star

MAISIE Smith has received yet more praise from Khloe Kardashian after the reality icon said she was "drooling" over her legs.

The 36-year-old star, part of America's most famous reality TV family, said she wanted to "uplift" the EastEnders actress and Strictly contestant.

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Maisie admitted she was staggered to have been mentioned by the multi-millionaire socialite, who is not known to be a big fan of the goings-on in Albert Square.

Speaking on Strictly: It Takes Two last night, the 19-year-old explained: "Someone in the studio said: 'Do you know that Khloe Kardashian has commented on your photo?' I was like 'Nooooo, surely not.'"

Khloe first commented about Maisie body on a picture the actress posted on Instagram saying she was insecure and "hated" her legs.

She reassured her: "You have the most beautiful legs!!!!! 😍 Envy worthy!!! I can not build my legs for the life of me! So I’m drooling over yours 🤤 you are gorgeous!!!!!! ❤️."

Maisie replied simply: "Thanks chicken x."

However, Khloe gave her another mention over on Twitter when one of her followers wondered aloud about how the US star knew her.

She replied: "I don't know her But that doesn't mean that we can't uplift one another.

"I would never in my life take my time to post something negative about any1. I will take my time to make someone smile.

"Spread love/positivity. She was insecure about her beautiful body, I wanted her 2notB."

Khloe's original remarks were in response to a post Maisie shared where she wrote: "The past few years I’ve been VERY insecure about my legs. I covered them up as much possible.

"No matter how many people told me 'cellulite is natural.. everyone has it.' I still hated them.

"It’s taken me a while but I’m starting to accept these aspects of myself that I’ve always seen as 'flaws'."

She added: "I wore gym shorts (out of the house) for the FIRST time a couple of months ago and I was so so proud of myself 💘.

"I wish I could I say that I LOVE my body but I’m still working on that 😅."

Maisie, who last night showed off her powerhouse vocals in an Instagram video, will dance again on Saturday's Strictly with pro partner Gorka Marquez.

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