Killing Eve fans cry out for Villanelle sex scene ‘before it’s too late’ as new pic teases deadly twist with The Twelve – The Sun

KILLING Eve fans are desperate for the show’s female leads to take their rivalry to the bedroom ASAP.

The beloved BBC thriller has seen Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and Eve (Sandra Oh) come to blows on several occasions, with the season 2 finale culminating in the master assassin gunning down Eve and leaving her for dead.

Earlier in season 3, viewers were tantalised when the pair shared a steamy moment in the middle of a fight on a London bus, hoping that the pair might finally seal the deal with a romp.

However, that never came to be and now the show’s latest teaser pic has ignited calls for the pair to get it on before it’s too late.

The show’s official Twitter account shared a picture of Villanelle in the arms of her manager from The Twelve, who recently offered her an underwhelming promotion.

Villanelle was told that her material requests had been met, but she was still expected to get her hands dirty herself by carrying out assassinations, rather managing them and mentoring new recruits.

Villanelle has a nervous look in her eye as she’s clutched to her supervisor’s chest, leaving many worried that her plan to abandon the role and go on the run had been rumbled.

To make matters worse, the accompanying caption read: “We’re anxious.”

The comments section was soon flooded by fans calling out for Eve and Villanelle to enjoy a night of passion before the latter either flees the company or is taken out by The Twelve for her betrayal.

“You’re anxious?! I’M ANXIOUS! If Villanelle and Eve never get it on it’s a f***ing crime,” one Twitter user raged.

A second echoed: “Just give us the hate sex we all need and then I don’t mind what happens.”

Meanwhile a third agreed: “Give us Villaneve before it’s too late damn it!”

Another laid out their dream scenario: “Okay, so Eve comes to Villanelle’s rescue after she’s hunted down by the twelve and then they get their happily ever after, right?”

The furore comes after fans feared Villanelle was losing her touch after her latest kill took a sloppy turn.

Elsewhere, Jodie Comer claimed her own mother was the inspiration behind Villanelle’s iconic death stares.

Killing Eve continues on BBC America on Sunday and will be available to stream on iPlayer on Monday.

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