Killing people Susanna Reid skewers Liz Truss on oil deal with Saudis Morals collapsed

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Boris Johnson has come under fire for visiting Saudi Arabia in a bid to reduce dependency on Russian energy sources despite the country’s unsavoury human rights record. However, Liz Truss defended the decision to Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley when she appeared on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday.

Reid introduced: “[Johnson] has already been forced to defend Saudi’s human rights record saying, ‘He will raise concerns,’ this is just days after 81 people were killed in the largest mass execution for decades.”

“Are you not as the Labour leader alleges just skipping from one dictator to another to beg for resources?”

Truss argued that Russia was the “biggest threat” to the world currently. 

Reid skewered: “We have taken a very moral stance when it comes to Russia, why does that collapse when it comes to Saudi?”

Truss admitted the UK has been forced into doing “deals” with countries it may not have necessarily wanted to because of the current global situation.

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