Kim Kardashian called out for telling major 'lie' in new video as baffled critics ask 'what are you doing?' | The Sun

KIM Kardashian has her feet held to the fire by fans who are tired of her charades.

Kim recently confused her haters after she fibbed in a recent promo video shared on Instagram.

Kim, 42, happens to be the latest spokesperson for the dental hygiene brand Hismile.

Yesterday Hismile shared a video of Kim, founder of Skims, using their teeth whitening toothpaste on her teeth and showing the results on their business Instagram account.

Also, the second oldest Kardashian sister shared a snap of herself flaunting her white smile, which she credited to Hismile in her Instagram Stories.

Kim added the stores where Hismile is purchasable in her Stories caption also.


Many fans were skeptical that the dental product gave Kim her shiny smile.

In an online forum on Reddit, critics slammed her for not confessing to getting cosmetic dental work to improve her teeth color.

"Kim we know your teeth are veneers. Wtf are you doing selling whitening paste?!," one fan ranted.

A second fan raged: "She paid for those teeth. I love that she promotes these shady products.

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"Run to Walmart and get yours! Sure thing, Kimbecile. I bet she’s missing the clout she used to have when she was married to Kanye. Grab those dollar bills while you can, girl."

Someone else sarcastically cosigned: "I mean, I also would have perfectly white teeth if I had veneers. What are we flexing here?"


Alongside fans holding her accountable for allegedly lying about her teeth, they have also criticized her for being "calculated."

Earlier this month, Kim shared a video of her weight-lifting exercise with her personal trainer on Instagram.

The mother-of-four wore tight black workout gear, with a low-cut top and her hair hastily clipped up.

Kim went through a set of Romanian deadlifts while her trainer kept count, and at one point said: "This is heavy!"

The star captioned the video: "Nothing like a 2hr workout w @senada.greca to get my jet lag back on track."

After this, Kim posted a mirror selfie from inside the gym.

In the snap, Kim knelt on an exercise mat and flashed a peace sign, showing off her slim waist and dramatic curves.

The pic was captioned: "And finishing off strong is the best feeling ever to check a good workout off of the daily schedule."

However, some fans weren't sold that Kim's workout routine was genuine, and felt "mislead" by the idea that Kim's physique was all down to exercise.

Taking to Reddit, one follower posted Kim's gym content along with the caption "I work out hard for this body you guys!" topped off with a wink emoji.

Some replies questioned whether Kim's routine was authentic.

One wrote: "You can tell none of them have ever regularly or seriously worked out like this."

Another speculated: "Her weights are very clearly fake."

A third agreed: “This is heavyyy” she knows she’s being recorded. Everything is so damn calculated with her."

Others pointed out how Kim's lifting form placed the emphasis on her rear end and suggested that exercise wasn't the reason for its size.

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One person joked: "She’s glute dominant, y’all," with a winky face.

Another commented: "Misleading her fans to believe terrible form deadlifts can help achieve a Kardashian butt…"

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