Kim Zolciak’s daughter Brielle Biermann says ‘my lips looked crazy’ as she continues to dissolve lip fillers – The Sun

BRIELLE Biermann reminisced on her plump lips before and said 'my lips looked crazy' as she continues to dissolve lip fillers.

The 23-year-old has been going through a year of change as she recently dyed her hair darker in order to make herself look different from her mom.

Back in January 2020, Kim Zolciak's daughter decided to dissolve her lip fillers after realizing they were way too plump for her face.

However, she decided to plump them up slightly at the end of the month to give them a more natural shape but has since sworn off big lips.

She told US Weekly she came to the realization on her own after her friends refused to speak up.

"But my friends, I’m like, 'You guys are terrible. Why did you not tell me that my lips looked crazy?'," she remembered.

She has since gone back to her doctor to get the smaller fillers removed as well, just before the coronavirus pandemic started.

"I’m over the big lips," Brielle explained. "I went through it. I’m done looking like that."

She continued: "I love how my doctor does the shape and I still want to go to L.A. and get it filled a little by my guy, but just a little bit, just so I get the pout and the plumpness that I want, but I don’t want to overdo anything."


She also noted that she started getting lip fillers after growing up feeling insecure by her smaller lips.

"I just didn’t know when to stop," she said. "And I think that happens to a lot of people. You get this sense of dysmorphia. The second your lips look a little different, you’re like, ‘Oh, my God, I have to go back and get them filled."

She continued: "And it’s like, actually you don’t.' And once you realize that, everything will be, you’ll get to a good point, which is where I think I’m at right now."

Ironically enough, Brielle and her Real Housewives of Atlanta mom recently got lip injections as soon as lockdown ended in Georgia.

On the Watch What Happens Live after show, Andy Cohen asked Kim about getting cosmetic procedures amid quarantining: "Kim, what's up with the Botox and fillers and all that stuff?

"I would think that what I'm looking at is nine weeks without it, right?"

Kim replied: "Um, no Andy. So, Atlanta opened up."

She explained Atlanta reopened, following a stay-at-home order, at the end of last month.

Kim added although her doctor had been on maternity leave before the quarantine, she and her daughter Brielle were her first patients.

She shared: "Brielle and I both were her first. She did my Botox and touched up my lips a little bit."

The Bravo mom to six added: "I get migraines from, like just in general, so the Botox really helps me in the back of my neck here and here.

"So, that's kinda my goal. I mean I am getting old. I'll be 42 on Tuesday."

As for Brielle, Kim clarified the 23-year-old had a little work done to her lips.

Kim told Andy in quarantine: "Neither one of us are overly happy with our lips right now so it's a work in progress, but yeah, they're gone, they're pretty much gone."

Still she noted Brielle "wanted to…outline the actual lip line itself so that pops sometimes. There's a fine balance."

She added Brielle does "what she wants to do."

Andy agreed she's "strong-willed like her mother."

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