‘Late Night’s Seth Meyers Takes Closer Look At Donald Trump’s “Unhinged Rant”

Late Night host Seth Meyers took a Closer Look on Monday at the national upheaval in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd and drew some conclusions: Donald Trump is unhinged and Tucker Carlson is a “human penny loafer.”

Trump got called out for his phone call rant with state leaders, in which he accused them of being “weak,” and warned that protestors will make them look like “fools.”

The phone call, NBC’s Meyers said, was “like a cross between a brutal military dictator and a racist grandpa shuffling around the nursing home with his robe on backwards.”

Fox News’ Carlson got the Closer Look treatment for his bizarre conflation of the national unrest with the red tape homeowners go through to build a new deck. “Are you an actual person,” Meyers asked, “or just a monogrammed towel?”

Watch Meyers’ Closer Look segment above.

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