Line of Duty season 6 theories: Is Gail Vella really dead? Dot Cottan star shares clue

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Line of Duty season six is coming to an end very soon and the Murder Team and AC-12 are yet to find Gail Vella’s (played by Andi Osh) killer. Terry Boyle(Tommy Jessop) is currently being interviewed by police as being behind her death but the evidence suggests a member of the OCG pulled the trigger. Vella’s case is so complicated, fans are starting to suspect she may not be dead after all. has everything you need to know.

Is Gail Vella really dead?

There are just two more episodes to go before Line of Duty season six comes to an end.

The murder of journalist Gail Vella has been at the centre of this series and as expected, there is one, if not more bent coppers working on the case.

AC-12 believe the orders for Gail Vella’s death came from high up, perhaps from a corrupt officer who wanted to stop Vella in her tracks.

Before her death, Vella had been working on a piece investigating police corruption at the Hill.

So far, Terry Boyle is the main suspect but everything about the case points to the notion evidence was planted in his home by an OCG member to frame him.

As the episodes go on and there is no end in sight to solving Vella’s murder and there is one theory amongst fans suggesting Vela isn’t dead at all.

The rumours have been fuelled by Craig Parkinson, who starred in series three and four of Line of Duty as bent copper Dot Cottan.

Parkinson hosts the Obsessed with Line of Duty podcast on BBC Sounds and has been engaging with Line of Duty fans on Twitter about the series. 

Responding to a fan who suggested Andi Osho would appear in a flashback, Parkinson replied: “It’s all she has done. So far…”

Replying to another fan who suggested James Nesbitt will make an on-screen appearance as Marcus Thurwell after appearing on a computer screen, Parkinson responded in a lengthy post, teasing Gail Vella may actually be alive.

He said: “Same could be said for #GailVella @andiosho

“Why would she go on Graham Norton to promote LOD when she’s just in clips and screen grabs and cut-outs?



Osho is a well-known stand-up comedian, actress and presenter viewers are hoping she will have a much bigger role to play than just flash backs.

Some eagle-eyed fans have also spotted Andi Osho has also been added to the Line of Duty season six cast list on IMDb.

Fans have also been sharing their thoughts and theories on Reddit, with some suggesting he had a link to bent copper Jo Davidson (Kelly MacDonald).

One Line of Duty fan posted: “Is it possible that Jo and Gail were together before she was killed?

“I think quite a bit of time has passed since the murder so Jo could have moved on to Farida in the meantime.

“Craig Parkinson (Dot) thought that the locks on Jo’s door meant she was keeping someone IN rather than out, which I thought was really interesting.”

Another fan tweeted: “Ok. I still think Gail Vella is alive..? #LineOfDuty”

A second fan said: “I think Gail Vella is alive and well and is living in Jo Davidson’s flat.”

Hopefully, with just two episodes left to go, fans will find out the truth of what happened to Gail Vella.

Line of Duty airs Sundays at 9pm on BBC One

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