Little People’s Amy Roloff posts rare photos of private daughter Molly and son-in-law Joel on her trip to Washington

LITTLE People Big World star Amy Roloff shared a rare picture with her daughter Molly and son-in-law Joel after she took a road trip to see them.

The mom-of-four was reunited with her daughter after she drove from Oregon to Washington state.

The TLC star revealed they'd had a relaxed weekend together, as she shared her love for her family.

She captioned a picture of them," Love my family ♥️. I’m so glad I took a road trip to Spokane last weekend to hang out with my daughter Molly and SIL Joel.

"The best time. I had a blast- went on walks, played games, ate, made bread with Molly 🎉 and just hang out with them.

"I even had a chance to visit one of my favorite bookstores – Aunties. I miss them both so much but happy they are happy and doing great. There’ll be another road trip soon. 😊#lovemyfamily ♥️#imthankful #imblessed #hugyourfamily."

It seems like the couple had a great time catching up with the Roloff matriarch, in the happy images she shared to Instagram.

Amy previously took to Instagram to express her pride in Molly and love for the couple.

“She is simply amazing. So proud of her," she wrote.

She revealed: "We went on a two-mile hike – I’m excited I did it – which was beautiful and then she made a fabulous delicious salad. I’m so glad I came. I miss her."

Molly no longer appears on the reality show after leaving for college and settling down with husband Joel in Washington.

As well as Molly, Amy is mom to Jeremy, Zachary and Jacob, whom she shares with her ex Matt Roloff.

Amy and Matt split in 2016 after over 20 years together and have moved on with new partners.

Amy is newly engaged to Chris Marek after he proposed last year, and Matt has been with girlfriend Caryn Chandler since 2017.

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