Little People’s Isabel Roloff rushed to the ER with ‘abdominal pain’ as she urges fans to ‘take care of your body’ – The Sun

LITTLE People, Big World's Isabel Roloff had to be rushed to the ER with "abdominal pains" which she initially ignore.

The 22-year-old posted the shocking news on her Instagram stories and urged fans to "take care of themselves".

Isabel first started feeling sick a few weeks ago but has been busy campaigning in the Black Lives Matter movement and was "preoccupied" so didn't go to get herself checked out.

She took to her Instagram stories to let her fans know she had to be rushed to ER.

Posting a photo of her on her back playing guitar with her red hair spread out around her on the grass, she encouraged people to not ignore symptoms.

She wrote: "Hey y'all. I just want to remind you to take care of yourselves during this time.

"For a few weeks I have been ignoring some physical symptoms as I felt preoccupied with so much right now.

"That was a mistake, as it sent me to ER last night with severe abdominal pain."

Isabel reassured her fans: "We got it figured out and they sent me home at 2.00am but in the shuffle and chaos of rushing there last night, we left my guitar outside in the heat of the morning sun my guitar broke.

"My mama got me this guitar when I was fifteen."

The Little People, Big World star finished the post saying: "Needless to say I am feeling exhausted, sad and while I know it's all part of a greater plan, I could use some words of encouragement right now to get me through.

"Love you all, seriously, take care of yourself. Listen to your body.

"To continue fighting we must rest as well."

It comes days after Isabel tirelessly fought racist trolls on Instagram, who attacked her for talking about her father's Chilean heritage.

One troll commented: "This is what people used to do… assimilate to America and our American way, it's not a bad thing. We should not have to assimilate to other cultures in our own country #USA."

Isabel shot back: "America was founded by colonizers who stole the land from Indigenous people's and enslaved Black people to build it…

"Every single person is an immigrant to this country originally if they are white and English is not this country's native tongue. Try again."

Another keyboard warrior wrote: "So he came to this country legally and not over the border as an illegal immigrant. Glad he followed the rules of the law."


Isabel was quick to reply: "Correct, he came here 'legally' seeing as Chile ans the US do not border each other, he had to fly here using a plane.

"Very odd you brought that up, though."

Clearly horrified at the abuse she'd been receiving, the reality star posted a screenshot of the trolls's comments on her Instagram Stories with a facepalm emoji.

The Little People, Big World star – who recently settled in Oregon with her husband Jacob – opened up about how her father fled Chile to live in the US.

She shared: "My father. An immigrant from Chile, fled his country in the 60’s, as is commonly said, “to follow the American dream”.

"Growing up, he did not teach his children his native tongue of Spanish as he himself wanted to appear as American as possible so as to avoid racism and prejudices while living in this country."


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