Lola delivers heartbreaking news to devastated family in EastEnders

Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) recently learnt that she only has six months left to live, following a hospital appointment in EastEnders.

The young mum, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year, had planned to keep the information between her and husband Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) until after their fundraising event.

However, it soon became clear that she would have to reveal the truth, when Lola realised that daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown) still believed that her mum was going to get better.

As Lola’s family prepared for their fundraising event, Lola called them all over.

In an emotional scene, Lola revealed the difficult news that her brain tumour had got bigger, which meant that she didn’t have long left.

Her heartbroken family were devastated by the news, with Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) pointing out that he’d put all of his money in the charity bucket if it would help Lola get better.

Lola admitted that there was nothing else they could do for her, which left Lexi heartbroken, as she revealed that she had been secretly saving to help pay for a cure.

Lola’s mum, Emma (Patsy Kensit), pointed out how unfair it was that she had only just found her daughter again, and now they were being hit with this.

She insisted that they call off the fundraiser, but Lexi was adamant that this was her and Lola’s day.

Ben and Callum (Tony Clay) agreed with the young girl, and they decided to go ahead with the fundraiser.

With Lola’s news now out in the open, how will the family cope as the end grows near?

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