Loose Women presenter Linda Robson getting genetic testing over cancer fears

Telly favourite Linda Robson has said she is getting genetic testing over cancer fears.

The Birds of a Feather star revealed there is a history of breast tumours in her family.

And she worries she might have the gene that could be passed on to her daughters Lauren and Bobbie.

Londoner Linda’s sister Tina had the disease and the actress said more relatives had been rocked by a diagnosis in recent months.

She said: “My niece was also diagnosed with it and my cousin – so we’re getting genetic testing now.

“Our aunts may have had it, we think – but there were no mammograms then.

“I’m just worried about my daughters, if I do have the gene that puts me at risk.”

The Loose Women presenter has been paying more attention to her health but admitted she dropped too much weight last year when she was battling mental health issues.

Linda, 62, revealed: “I’ve never been one for a fry-up. And I haven’t had a drink in two years.

“Two of my kids are vegan, they’ve run the London Marathon – they inspire me. Your health is everything.

“But last year I lost way too much. At the start it was fine, I was down to a size 10-12, but then I kept going.

“I was about 8st at one stage, but I looked about 110! I looked atrocious. I see pictures now at my tiniest and it just reminds me of being in a dark place.

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“I was struggling with anxiety and depression, I had absolutely no appetite.”

Linda and husband Mark celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this year and she described her life as a “rollercoaster”.

She added: “I’d never have imagined I’d suffer from depression or anxiety.

“If anyone had told me that, I’d have said: ‘Nah, not me!’”

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