Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan slammed by Drag Race star over secret backstage clash

Coleen Nolan has been slammed by Drag Race UK's Baga Chipz.

The outspoken performer, whose real name is Leo Loren, says the Loose Women regular one looked at her 'like something she had trod in' while backstage at the National Television Awards.

Baga, 31, says her feelings are so strong towards Coleen that she would never appear on the ITV daytime show as she thinks it would turn into a live TV row.

Referencing Coleen's infamous clash with How Clean Is Your House star Kim Woodburn, Baga said: "I'm really good friends with Kim – she's one of the most loveliest women you could ever meet…

"I'm not gonna lie, I'm not a fan of Coleen Nolan.

"But the thing is, it's a shame I think, it's a big shame, because I love the Nolans, I love the music, I was a big fan of Bernie Nolan.

"But because I'm friends with Kim, from before Drag Race, I didn't like that."

Recalling her own encounter with Coleen, the performer added on told United Queendom podcast : "She's done a few things that don't sit well with me.

"Me and The Vivienne were at the National Television Awards and she saw us because we'd been talking about her, and she looked at us like something she'd just trod in.

"And I mean, looked me dead in the eye, and I didn't know what to do, I felt uncomfortable so I just turned my back.

"I didn't want to be like, 'what you looking at?' We just knew she knew what we said about her.

"So we would never go on Loose Women. Which is a shame because I'm really good friends with Denise Welch, I'm really good friends with Beverley Callard, I'm really good friends with Jane McDonald and I'm really good friends with Andrea McLean. It's just Coleen, I don't like her."

Coleen famously ended up in a seriously awkward row with Kim in 2018 after Kim claimed she was being ganged up on during her appearance.

"Well that's what would happen. (If I went on)," Baga continued.

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"I'd mention some of the things she'd come out with and I don't think they really want that on their show."

Despite the bad blood, Baga insist Coleen doesn't deserve the abuse often thrown at her.

"Oh yeah, when I seen her on This Morning, I do agree with that, she shouldn't be getting abuse, nobody should be getting that," she added.

"At the same time it was just a bit suspect that all the days of the year you've got your sister with her [on Loose Women], who's only on a couple of times a year…

"Yeah, she called her a horrible witch and all that, but Kim's nearly 80, if you don't like it just say, I disagree with you, we're never going to get on!"

Loose Women continues today at 12.30pm on ITV.

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