Los Angeles Curfew Extended Through Sunday – Just Under 400 Arrests From Saturday’s Protests

Los Angeles will be under a citywide curfew for a second straight night on Sunday, as the city continues to struggle with protests related to the George Floyd death in Minneapolis.

Police Chief Michel Moore said there was “hundreds of thousands in property damage” related to Saturday’s protests, which were concentrated in the Fairfax area on Beverly Boulevard and 3rd Street before moving to Beverly Hills and other areas.  He said there were “just under” 400 arrests related to Saturday’s demonstrations, which followed Friday’s 500 arrests for a downtown melee.

Moore said the situation on Saturday “had the potential to escalate,” but that police efforts helped quell that growth. He added that police were “able to disperse individuals who were bent on further destruction. We looked forward to Saturday being a different day. Instead, we saw it exponentially increase.”

Moore said the National Guard would not be patrolling the streets, but would be stationed at various businesses, freeing police to handle emergency situations throughout the city. They would “stay as long as needed,” he said.

Moore claimed that looting and vandalism that was limited to those on foot as of Friday morphed into “caravans” of automobile thieves that were “moving from location to location to loot businesses.” The curfew allowed them to halt that activity, he claimed.

Garcetti said during his Sunday press conference that his escalation to move toward a citywide curfew from one originally limited to the downtown Los Angeles area was the result of information from the field. He said he had “several” conversations with Gov. Gavin Newsom about the National Guard before finally pulling the trigger on bringing them in hours after he said that he would not.

Several protests are scheduled for Sunday throughout Los Angeles. Moore said the primary matter of controlling them rested primarily with the protesters. He added, “It’s a new day Sunday. A new opportunity.”

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