Love Island’s Anton Danyluk's incredible body transformation in before and after photos after losing 12lbs in 7 days

LOVE Island hunk Anton Danyluk has lost a whopping 12lbs in seven days after intense 48-hour fasts and weights sessions.

The Scot took to his Instagram account to document his evident change in appearance, with his abdominal and bicep muscles much more clearly defined in the 'after' image.

The 24-year-old revealed in May he'd ditched the booze in favour of a healthier lifestyle, which he has clearly maintained.

Giving an insight into his shock slimming, Anton wrote: "The picture on the left is last Monday after a week on holiday and the other this morning.

"I’m not pushing my stomach out in the first one I was genuinely just bloated.

"I would never usually post a picture of me like this (even in the second photo) as I can/ have looked a lot better than both of these photos, however I want to be real with you and take you through week by week on my journey back to my best, giving you tips and techniques to help you in anyway!"

Anton then detailed his seven-point plan to shedding which started with a 48-hour fast followed, somewhat surprisingly, by a 3,000-calorie a day eating plan.

He then combined six weight sessions with cardio to achieve his ultimate weight loss.

Advising fans not to take things to the extreme, he added: "Now I never recommend losing more than 1-2 per cent of your Bodyweight in lbs per week (first week is always high due to water weight) so I will keep my calories at 3000 per day all of next week and we’ll take it from there."

Fans were quick to praise his programme, with one writing: "That’s amazing! Well done you! 👏 Great dedication Anton! Xx."

Another wrote: "Great work but it's just a calorie deficit people really not that hard!"

A third then posted: "It's amazing what the body can do when combined with knowledge! Most may criticise and they don’t understand the benefits of this technique. Testing the body and mind whilst gaining incredible results! 💪🏼🤓."

Yet others expressed concern about the 48-hour fast, with one writing: "From starving your self?"

Another then mused: "Don’t think that’s healthy."

It is not the first weight loss challenge the 2019 Love Island star has taken on while in lockdown.

In March, he shared the results of an eight week challenge designed to help him get even more lean.

Sharing a before-and-after picture on Instagram of him in nothing but a towel, Anton wrote: "I set myself a goal at the start of the year to get lean and stay lean. Phase 1 complete.

"Phase 2 is to stay this lean which if anything will be harder and something I’ve never managed to do before."

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