'LPBW': Some Fans Think Amy Roloff's Aprons She's Selling Are Much Too Expensive

Fans know Amy Roloff from TLC’s Little People, Big World. Matt and Amy Roloff started the reality series to show viewers what their lives are like as little people, and we’ve come to love the Roloffs over the years. Now, Amy’s branching off from the series with her own line of products. And she has aprons she’s selling for the holidays.

While the aprons are certainly chic, some fans are disappointed in the price point. Here’s what they’re saying.

Amy Roloff has a successful business following her fame from ‘Little People, Big World’

Longtime viewers of Little People, Big World are likely aware that Amy loves to cook. She’s always in the kitchen making something she can take to her kids or to her fiancé, Chris Marek. And she’s been posting more recipes and products to social media than ever before.

Now that the holidays are right around the corner, Amy is excitedly pushing some of her favorite festive pieces from Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen. Fans can purchase masks, packs of fresh fudge, seasonal coffee, and candles. And she also has aprons for sale.

“My holly berry full-apron is a locally made, hand-sewn & fun accessory that’ll enhance your time in the kitchen,” Amy wrote on her website. “Red, Green, Black, with a touch of Gold. This apron can dress up your holiday season! Great for gifts and creative fun in the kitchen.”

Some fans think her aprons are too expensive

There's no need to get messy during all of your holiday baking because Artisan Collection aprons are now on sale! We…

Amy posted about her beautiful aprons to Instagram. She added a photo of herself to her social media along with a caption about the product.

“There’s no need to get messy during all of your holiday baking because Artisan Collection aprons are now on sale!” Amy captioned the post. “We have two styles — a full apron in a holly berry pattern on sale for $34.99 and a half apron in a snowflake pattern on sale for $29.99, both with FREE SHIPPING!” Amy then explained she’s doing a giveaway with the aprons, which is sure to excite fans.

While her followers think the apron is very cute, it looks like many of them aren’t willing to shell out the price.

“Very cute, BUT not worth 34 dollars,” a fan commented. “Get one at Walmart for $5.99.”

“I love Amy, watched her show from the very beginning, BUT a 34 dollar apron, I’ll pass,” another fan wrote.

“No one pays that much for an APRON?” yet another commented.

Others showed Amy support, though.

“If you look on Etsy, you’ll see that full length aprons average out at approximately $35-$40,” a supportive fan wrote. “Remember, you get what you pay for.”

Others aren’t happy with her decision to include Jacob Roloff in her advertising

This is far from the first time Amy’s gotten flack for Amy’s Little Kitchen. While fans seem to love her products, they’re not a fan of the price points or her choice of how she advertises. She included Jacob Roloff in an Instagram advertisement for another one of her products, and fans weren’t happy.

“This mama had to see how her kids are doing,” Amy captioned her post of Jacob and his wife, Isabel, wearing hats from her line of products. “I’m proud of them both and miss them. I’m glad they’re not that far away though. And I so appreciate their support too — wearing Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen beanie hats.”

“Please Amy keep the family posts and the advertising for your products separate,” one fan wrote on her Instagram. “When I read the post and got to the part about the beanies it turned the whole post into an advertisement. Ruined the whole fuzzy warm family feeling.”

While Amy can’t make everyone happy, we’re hoping she’s still finding success in selling plenty of beanies and aprons as well as running her small business.

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