Made for Love Cancelled at HBO Max

Hazel’s new tenure at Gogol Inc. has officially been cut short: HBO Max has cancelled Made for Love after just two seasons.

“We are tremendously grateful for the truly spectacular journey of these past two seasons, courtesy of Alissa Nutting, Christina Lee, Cristin [Milioti], Billy [Magnussen], Ray [Romano] and the entire Made for Love cast and creative team — especially Zelda the talking dolphin and everyone’s favorite synthetic love interest, Diane,” HBO Max said in a statement to our sister site Variety. “Like a Gogol chip, the series will always be on our minds.”

In the Season 2 finale (read a recap here), Hazel reclaimed her body from the copy of her consciousness that was created and saved by Gogol. Thanks to a little help from Fiffany and Herringbone, Hazel took over as leader of the Hub, when the real Gogol head Byron found himself trapped inside his body and under the control of his duplicate. Meanwhile, Herbert seemingly succumbed to his illness, though a copy of his consciousness (along with his body) remained inside the company’s confines.

TVLine’s Streaming Scorecard has been updated to reflect Made for Love’s HBO Max cancellation. Does this news bum you out? Mourn below by dropping some comments.

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