Madison Prewett Said She Has "All the Love" for Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan After Shading Them

It feels like the whole world has come to a complete stop, yet the Bachelor drama somehow keeps piling on as the days go by. After Madison Prewett left Peter Weber because he slept with other women despite her telling him she doesn’t approve, he proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss just to break up with her and try to get back together with Madison. We all know that didn’t work out because he’s currently quarantining with his ex Kelley Flanagan, which never fails to surprise everyone.

Peter and Kelley have been extremely active on TikTok, and when Madison and her fellow Bachelor contestants hopped on there to do their version of the #DontRushChallenge (originally created by 20-year-old student Toluwalase Asolo), fans immediately thought she was shading Peter.

So in the TikTok, Madison and former contestants like Kelsey Weier and Tammy Ly get all dolled up and virtually pass around a makeup brush to signal it’s the next person’s turn to do their transformation. Instead of doing challenge to the original “Don’t Rush” song, the Bachelor ladies chose “Take Your Man.”

Bach Girls get ready – quarantine style #tiktokcovers #slay #girlpower #bachelor

The video itself wasn’t all that shady, but when someone commented and asked Madison where Kelley was, she replied “With our ex lol.” And when Tammy posted it on her Instagram, she wrote, “Featuring: women who are too good for Peter lol.” Eeek!

After all that transpired, a Bachelor updates Instagram account posted screenshots and was like, “A lot of shade thrown at Peter lately 😬😂 What do you think, deserved or not?!” They didn’t tag Madison in the post, but somehow she saw it and tried to set the record straight, claiming there are no hard feelings. She wrote, “Lolllll it was just a joke!! No shade. All the love for them both.”

So, yeah! That’s where Madison stands with all of them! No shade at all. None whatsoever. Not even a little hint.

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