MAFS UK fans call for Franky to be axed after explosive row: What the hell?!

MAFS UK: Tensions rise as Franky and Marilyse read co-stars letter

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During the dinner party in the instalment of Channel 4’s Married At First Sight, Franky raged after reading his letter, which contained advice about his relationship. The letters were part of an activity all couples had to do, but the sender was anonymous. Franky became angry after reading the letter, calling whoever had written in a b****. Following his reaction, fans have called for him to be taken off the show.

During the episode, Franky fumed after reading the letter, and he yelled at his wife Marilyse.

Taking the letter, Franky read: “Franky and Marilyse, our first impression of you was probably not one you want to hear.

“We felt uncomfortable in your presence.” Marilyse interjected to add: “Franky’s presence!”

“F****** hell that was the first sentence, it’s going to take a while this,” Franky fumed.

He continued: “Franky you were defensive and closed off.. which shallow little b****ing b**** wrote this?”

Later, Marilyse read her own letter and commented that she was grateful for the advice, which made Franky even angrier.

Whilst Franky was addressing the group, Marilyse went to speak and he snapped: “Maybe when I speak, don’t speak”, to which she replied: “What do you mean?”

“I was just saying something to them all,” he answered. “That’s not a nice thing to say,” Marilyse’s hit back.

Viewers were quick to call for Franky to face consequences for upsetting Marilyse and for his outburst to the group.

Taking to Twitter, Meg McHugh commented: “Bin for franky #MAFS.”

Sian echoed this view, writing: “What the actual hell #getout #franky #MAFS.”

“Don’t speak when I speak” oh dear Franky #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSightuk #MAFSUK,” penned Z.

Kat Sydney Hendry wrote: “Everyone’s talking about Nikita whilst ?? Franky ?? Is ?? A ?? Total ?? A***hole ?? #MAFS #mafsuk.”

Omo Ibadan added: “Franky is scary AF!!! He makes my skin crawl #MAFSUK.”

After the scene unfolded, relationship expert Mel Schillings said: “She’s standing her ground, this is great to see.”

Nikita Jasmine was kicked off the show earlier in the series following a foul-mouthed rant.

Many viewers have asked for the same to happen with Franky.

Later, speaking to fellow contestant Megan, Marilyse asked: “Could you imagine if he spoke to me like that in front of my kids?”

Married At First Sight continues on Tuesday Channel 4 at 9pm.

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