Mark Wright swoons over wife Michelle Keegan's abs and 'can't believe his luck' she married him

MARK Wright has swooned over his wife Michelle Keegan's abs and says he "can't believe his luck" she married him.

The 33-year-old has opened up about life in lockdown with his other half who has been showing off her body transformation.

“Michelle is extremely fit and definitely stronger than me in a few areas,” he told the Mirror.

“I’m not saying she can lift more weights, but she can do a plank longer, she’s better at squatting, and she’s got a cracking set of abs."

He added: "My wife’s extremely successful and she’s always very busy. She works very hard.

“I think every man and every woman can’t believe their luck when it comes to their partner. That’s why they married them, because they love them, so yeah, I am a very happy man,” 

His actress wife has worked hard to change her body from being slender to having toned muscles and a six-pack.

Despite always being keen to keep her diet and exercise plans under wraps, Michelle finally revealed her secret – her husband Mark Wright has been putting her through her paces with his daily hardcore hiit classes.

Sharing a stunning snap of her abs, Michelle told fans: "I've been doing the @trainwright workouts for weeks now, thank you @wrighty_ and @joshwright4444 for keeping me active and motivated during this time… Now for the 30 day plan! Let's go!"

Tyson Fury, John Terry, Amanda Holden and Pixie Lott are all big fans of the training and nutrition programme Mark launched with his brother in lockdown.

Before having breakfast Michelle makes sure she drinks a litre of water and then dines on scrambled eggs and avocado.

She's also been drinking a protein shake a day, only eating white meat and avoiding fast food – except on weekends.

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