Marnie Simpson 'didn’t want to carry on living' during horrific UTI battle after spending ‘thousands’ on doctors

GEORDIE Shore's Marnie Simpson revealed that she "didn't want to carry on living" during her horrific UTI battle after spending "thousands and thousands of pounds" on doctors.

The reality star, 28, was diagnosed with a chronic UTI in 2016 and after giving birth to baby Rox last year, her symptoms began to get a whole lot worse.

During an exclusive chat with The Sun Online, the brunette beauty opened up about how hard it was dealing with the condition, as well as with the added stress of looking after a newborn baby during lockdown.

She said: "I've just been completely f***** over by doctors in the UK. I've spent thousands and thousands for them to just, basically when they diagnosed us multiple times, they ended up putting us in a really bad bad bad way.

"So I got myself really really depressed during lockdown, to the point where I didn't even think I wanted to carry on like living. I know that sounds stupid but that how bad it was."

Now Marnie has found the proper help to fix her problem after being been properly diagnosed with Trigonitis -a condition where the triangular piece of tissue located in the lower part of your bladder becomes inflamed.

It can be caused by frequent urinrary tract infections (UTIs), hormonal imbalances or the aftermath of using a catheter for a long time.

She added: "I had doctors telling us that there was basically no hope for us and that there was nothing wrong with us.

"It's only recently that I actually had my bladder looked at inside and they actually found what the problem was and it's a condition called Trigonitis."

Earlier this month the mum-of-one underwent an operation to try and make things right again and now hopes that she can start to move on with her life again.

Explaining how the procedure worked, she said: "It's quite invasive. It's normally used for bladder cancer patients but sometimes it can be used on Trigonitis as well.

"It's basically where they just burn with a metal rod all of the layers of your bladder off, burn them all off. I only had it done like nine days ago."

Over the years Marnie has spent a small fortune on prescriptions for antibiotics because that was what she was told will be able treat her painful condition.

She added: "I taking high dose antibiotics every single day and actually made us really ill, really ill.

"I got some really bad gut problems and stuff, and I thought how is this even allowed, how are doctors doing this to us? And then I found a really good doctor and I got a proper diagnosis."

Although Marnie has been through hell and back over the past year, she's not going to let her condition stop her from trying for another baby with fiance Casey Johnson, 25.

After meeting on MTV's Single AF show in 2017, the lovebirds relationship has gone from strength to strength.

Despite her previous pregnancy complications and bladder condition, the star still wants to give Rox a brother or sister to play with.

The Celebrity Big Brother star explained: "I'm so frightened of it happening again. They say it can be triggered from hormones so I think that maybe pregnancy had something to do with it and it frightens me that it might happen again. 

"I'm not going to let anything hold us back, I'm really not.

"But I will wait a good few years before I do it again because I just think for some reason my body just did not agree with pregnancy at all.

"I don't know, it just messed us up! I had no iron, I had no vitamin D, it just completely sucked the life out of us.

"I think every woman is different so we just have to be really cautious next time."

Back in August Casey – who first shot to fame in 2014 after taking part in The X Factor – decided to show Marnie how much he loves her.

The former Union J star got down on one knee to ask the reality favourite to be his wife – which has all been caught on camera for the new series of Geordie Shore OG.

Marnie is super excited to watch back the special moment on TV as she admitted that she can't recall much of what happened on the day.

She said: "I can't even really remember what happened or what I said.

"I'm just so excited to watch that back myself because it was just a blur. A blur of happiness so that's definitely the thing I'm looking forward to."

No plans for the wedding have been made due to the current coronavirus pandemic, but they would love to tie the knot on the gorgeous Greek island of Santorini.

Despite not setting a date, Marnie knows exactly who she would like to invite to her big day and her fellow Geordie Shore co-stars are definitely on the list.

Geordie OGs series 3 launches tonight on MTV at 9pm

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