Married At First Sight's Marilyse says 'amazing' Luke is her ‘perfect partner’ & they speak 'most days'

NEWLY single Marilyse Corrigan only split from Franky Spencer three weeks ago but it seems she already has her eye on another Married At First Sight UK star.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the blushing mum-of-two admitted Luke Dawson, 36, would be her “perfect partner” – and revealed she has early morning video calls with Bob Voysey, 26.

The news comes after we revealed Marilyse’s relationship with Franky fell apart when it “went a bit dry” and they realised they “were not each other’s future”.

The personal trainer, 36, broke her silence amid rumours that there could be an off-show recoupling with Luke – and certainly didn't rule it out.

When quizzed about a future romance, Marilyse joked: “Should I get with Luke? I think I might eat him for breakfast.”

She went on: “I’ll say it, I do really like Luke, I think he’s a lovely guy and he has the potential to be the perfect partner for me.

“We have a very close friendship, we speak most days and I think he’s really cool and amazing.

“I kind of clicked with him at the first dinner party – we’re both the same age, we’re both reserved, laidback and not out there.

“I don’t know if us being paired would work because we are so similar but it also could probably work because we are so similar.

“I’ve only ever looked at Luke in a friendly way so I don’t know if it could become romantic – but then again, I don’t know what the future holds.

“Obviously he lives in Wales, which is so far away, so distance could be a problem.”

'Ghosting & gameplaying'

During Monday’s final episode of MAFS, Marilyse and Franky seemed loved-up as they cuddled, kissed and spoke happily about their relationship.

Meanwhile, things had turned extremely sour between Morag Crichton and Luke – who had tirelessly battled to win her heart after declaring his love for her early on.

The Welshman and his Essex-born beau, 31, could barely look at each other during the reunion and after being quizzed about their relationship, sparks began to fly.

Morag accused Luke of “ghosting” her after the show ended and he claimed she said their relationship was "just a TV show” – with both rejecting each other’s claims. 

'I'd date Bob if I was younger'

With Marilyse and Luke both newly single, love could be on the cards for them – unless someone else steals her heart first.

The mum-of-two admitted: “If I was younger, I would have loved to have been paired with Bob because I think he is so funny and would make me laugh.

“I think he’s good looking and I love his personality, he’s so cuddly, lovely and someone who’s very protective as well."

Bob, and his wife Megan Wolfe, both 26, struggled to make their romance work on the show – not helped by Megan snogging fellow contestant Jordan Mundell.

Since the final episode, which aired on Monday but was filmed mid-August, Marilyse has continued to talk to some of the MAFS gang. 

“I’m still in touch with a lot of them – I often get FaceTimes from Bob at two in the morning," she revealed.

“Luke is one of my best friends and Amy was one of my best girl friends on the show, she’s come to visit me quite often.”

Dating Luke 'would be difficult'

One possible speed bump for any of the MAFS alumni dating one another could be how it would make their former husbands or wives feel.

When asked specifically if she would date Luke, Marilyse said: “It would be a bit difficult saying yes.

“We have a big circle of friends from the show and I do love Morag, she has been a strong and supportive friend and I am close with her.”

Surprisingly, one thing Marilyse says is not off the cards is being part of another TV experiment to find love.

She said: “I would do another dating show as long as it wasn’t as long-winded or intense. Maybe I would go on Celebrity First Dates.”

'Franky's not a bad person'

Since Marilyse and Franky split up the pair have continued to send voice notes to one another and one day she hopes to visit him in Dubai.

She told The Sun their decision to end the relationship was “mutual” and that she learned a lot from her time on the show.

Marilyse said: “I realised I’ve got a lot of patience to have even done it all and really value the friends I made on the show.

“I appreciate the experiences and wouldn’t change a thing, I have no regrets.”

She claims Frank was “a bit upset” about how he was portrayed and insisted he is “not a bad person”.

Marilyse added: “All it takes is someone to spend an hour or half an hour with him to see he’s a really nice guy and has a heart of gold.”

'Rebuilding myself'

The mum, who has two teenage sons, admitted a new romance was not on her mind immediately as her break-up was still “a bit raw”.

Instead, she’s ploughing herself back into normal life in between being approached “a few times” by MAFS fans.

Marilyse said: “It’s nice but it’s tiring. People always say lovely things and they say I was really dignified and came across well.

“Life hasn’t really changed since the show, I’m still at home, working and with the kids. 

“I’m trying to get back to normal and into more of a routine with exercise after being away from home for so long. 

“For now I’m just trying to rebuild myself.”

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