Martin Lewis apologises after appearing on This Morning in workout gear – because he got his times mixed up – The Sun

MARTIN Lewis apologised to This Morning viewers after popping up on their tellies in his workout gear.

The presenter, 47, turned up to his segment on the morning show in a blue sports top.

He quickly said sorry for his get up: "Apologies about my appearance, I didn’t time my exercise right. I will be dressed properly later."

Host Holly Willoughby joked saying the finance expert was "doing a Joe Wicks" – Britain's PE trainer during lockdown.

Martin rushed to get changed for his full segment and came back in a smart, crisp white shirt.

This Morning's other host Phillip Schofield mocked Martin, saying he'd "finally" got dressed for his segment.

Appearing to brush off the quips, the financial journalist went on to tell people how they can save money on their energy bills.

The latest gaffe comes as Martin was forced to apologise last month for saying the word "bloody" on air.

In the middle of sharing advice for self-employed people during the coronavirus pandemic, Martin swore on live TV.

He said at the time: "I am hearing from the top and I am working bloody hard on this.

"Sorry, I am working very hard on this. No one heard that, sorry for the kids at home."

Martin has been keeping Brits up to date with information about finances during the coronavirus pandemic and also scammers.

He himself was the victim of a scam that spread fake ads that he had died.

Speaking to Holly and Phil last month Martin said: "I've just found out there's another one of those adverts running saying I'm dead.

"They're scam adverts using the fact that I have died, which is just horrendous."

Martin appeared shaken by the scam, but lightly chuckled as he continued: "I clearly haven't, obviously.

"But just to say if you see it, please report it because a lot of people are getting disturbed by it.

"We all need to act together to try and stop these horrendous scammers."

He continued: "Right now, to be saying someone has died when they haven't as a form of advertising… It just beggars belief."

It's not the first time this happened, in 2018 the money saving expert launched a High Court bid against the Facebook for defamation.

He claims there at least 50 fake ads featuring his name on Facebook that has caused his reputation to suffer.

Some show his face alongside endorsements he hasn't actually made and links to articles with fake information.

Martin is best-known for being the founder of Money Saving Expert, which he set up in 2003.

Just as the website's name suggests, it posts advice and consumer finance information for Brits.

According to The Sunday Times Rich List 2017 Martin is ranked at 875.

He is a new addition to the list with a net worth of £125million.

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