Martin Lewis tells Susanna Reid dont pull a face at me as she mocks outfit

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Money-saving expert Martin Lewis pulls up a chair next to host Susanna Reid on ITV's Good Morning Britain, to become its newest TV presenter on Monday.

The 49-year-old financial pro has said he's enjoying his first day but has already engaged in a banter match with fellow presenter and mum-of-three Susanna.

The star definitely wasn't nervous for his GMB debut but also apparently didn't dress accordingly for the occasion.

The father-of-one travelled to the ITV studios to deliver the latest news and headlines across the UK, but his colleague Susanna couldn't help but comment on his attire.

He sported a plain white shirt and a black blazer jacket on his first day at the new job but he'd left his tie at home according to his co-star.

Susanna, 50, introduced Martin and began the conversation by saying: "Well, it’s fantastic to have you here. Didn’t you recently have some surgery? You’ve been tweeting about you might have a lisp, you might be sporting a goatee, you don’t think you can speak properly, you’re not sure you can get through a whole programme? Well, you’ve managed to get to 6:32 so congratulations."

Martin responded: "The timing of this hasn’t been the best for me.

"I had quite substantial dental surgery planned just after my show finished, which was a couple of weeks ago.

"My mouth is not fully healed so if you hear the odd little ‘ssssshhhh’ going on then let’s hope there’s no stories in Worcestershire this week as that’s a particularly difficult one to say!"

Susanna added: "I think you’re much more worried about it than the problem… it doesn’t sound that serious, you sound absolutely fine. Does it prevent you from wearing a tie?"

Martin laughingly said: "Wow, two minutes in and she’s already started!

"Look, the tie thing is interesting because the bosses said, ‘are you going to wear a tie? It’s part of our format to wear a tie’.

"And I’m not disrespectful of the programme’s structure, but in what I do, because I talk about money as the day job, I’ve always had a deliberate thing, I won’t wear a tie because it appears corporate and when you’re talking money, I want people to understand that I’m not on the corporate side. I’m on the other side."

The camera cut to Susanna listening to him defend himself, with Martin quipping: "Don’t pull a face at me!

"And therefore I feel smart is good but I’m not going to wear a tie.

"It’s just because you want the chest wig showing isn’t it?"

Susanna laughed and concluded the conversation by saying: "Yeah right!"

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