Mary Trump Interview Propels Rachel Maddow, MSNBC To Ratings Record

Mary Trump’s interview with Rachel Maddow gave the show its highest rated hour in its history and set a record for the highest rated scheduled show on MSNBC, the network said on Friday.

The Rachel Maddow Show pulled in 5.2 million viewers, also making it the top show on broadcast and cable in total viewers. Hannity, which usually wins the time slot, had 3.8 million viewers.

MSNBC said that Maddow also was the top show across cable in the 25-54 demographic. It also boosted Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell, which had 3.5 million viewers.

In the interview, Trump, who is the president’s niece, claimed that she heard Donald Trump use racist language, including the N-word. The White House responded to her claims, telling Maddow’s show, “This is a book of falsehoods, plain and simple. The president doesn’t use those words.”

In Mary Trump’s book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, she writes about the dysfunction in the Trump family. The book was released this week by Simon & Schuster and has sold 950,000 copies through Tuesday, the publisher said.

She gave her first interview to ABC News, which aired excerpts on World News Tonight and Good Morning America, and is planning to appear on The View next week.

Trump has said little about the book, but he may address it on Sunday, when he sits down for the full hour with Chris Wallace for Fox News Sunday. Wallace previewed the interview on Fox News on Friday.



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