Matt James's Season Will Include a Contestant from Bachelor Nation

Are you sitting down? Okay, good. Chris Harrison just dropped a Bachelor bombshell. He knows all the juicy details and he’s giving us a teensy tiny bit of info, but it’s enough to keep us guessing until Matt James’s season airs on Jan. 6. Here’s what we know: Thirty-two women will appear on Night One of Matt’s season, however, that’s not how many women will end up vying for Matt’s heart.

“A record number of women applied for Matt James… [it was] the biggest response we’ve had,” Chris told Entertainment Tonight. Hmmm… wonder why, lolz. “We wanted to give as many women as possible the chance to find love. So, we start with 32, but there will be more than those that arrive. And I can also give you this nugget—one woman who arrives is a very very familiar face to Bachelor Nation.”

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Ummm, WHAT?! What does a “very very familiar face” mean exactly? Because it sounds like it means that a former Bachelor contestant or even Bachelorette (Hannah B., I’m looking at you, girl) could appear on the season.

“This is a woman who A, is single and B, hoping to find love with Matt James,” Chris continued. “Look, this is 2020, there are no rules, anything goes. But in all seriousness, this goes back to we had a record number of people trying to get on this show and 32 wasn’t enough. We had so many we thought, ‘OK, let’s just try this. Let’s just get more and more.'”

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As if that wasn’t enough to keep your head spinning. He also added this shocker:

“And then there was a single woman from our Bachelor family that wanted a shot to find love, and you’ll see it play out in a very different, interesting moment unlike anything we have seen before.”

I’m going to say what I’ve said every year: This might actually be the most dramatic season, ever.

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