Michael Whitehall first wife: Who has Jack Whitehalls father been married to?

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father Season 5 trailer

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Michael Whitehall features as one of the stars in Jack Whitehall’s Travels With My Father on Netflix. Season five marks the final outing of the series and it features Michael’s second wife, Hilary, who led the trip across the UK. But Michael spoke at length to Jack about his first wife during a steam train journey through Scotland.

Who is Michael Whitehall’s first wife?

Michael Whitehall has joined his son Jack on a tour of the world for the past five years in Travels With My Father.

As the author and producer turned 81, the pair set off on their last journey across the UK, with Michael’s wife Hilary.

The pair married in 1986 and Hilary has featured throughout the course of the five seasons of the Netflix show.

She has become a fan-favourite due to her appetite for fun and she is not afraid to humiliate her son.

However, she was not Michael’s only wife, as the talent agent pointed out on a journey on board the ‘Harry Potter train’.

He was previously married to Jane McIntosh, between 1969 and 1973.

He had no children with Jane and following their divorce, she went on to marry lyricist Tim Rice.

Michael married Hilary more than a decade later and they went on to have three children together.

Jack is the oldest, with Molly born in 1989 and Barnaby born in 1992.

During his trip across Scotland with his son Jack, Michael said: “I must say I do have many fond memories of being here.

“I was newlywed and I used to come up here because the in-laws were up here.

“We used to drive up together, it was quite a long drive, I had a rather cheeky little MG sports car.

“We were young and in love”, and Jack Whitehall interjected with: “Not that young”.

Michael added: “In a way, my most romantic memories were here, we could go off for the day with a picnic basket

“We were in this huge field with heather and suddenly it started pouring with rain and she got all soaked.”

An embarrassed Jack said he was not keen on hearing all of the “sordid details”.

Michael proceeded to say how his wife looked great in a swimsuit, adding: “She was an amazingly attractive girl, Jane.”

Jack looked shocked as he thought Michael had been reminiscing over his mother Hilary.

Jane had met her second husband, Tim Rice, whilst they were working at Capital Radio.

They have two children, Eva Jane Florence, a novelist and singer, and Donald Alexander Hugh, a film director and theatre producer.

Jane is the daughter of Colonel Alexander Henry McIntosh, who was awarded an OBE.

She is still known today as Lady Rice and she stepped into the spotlight with her campaign to save the Red Squirrel.

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, she said: “It matters because if people don’t think kindly enough of the endangered species to take care of them in a way that they take care of themselves, it’s a sad old life.”

Jane filed for divorce from Tim in 1990 but they never finalised proceedings and are still technically married.

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father season 5 is on Netflix now

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