Michelle Young Is Causing 'Bachelor' Buzz and She Hasn't Even Shown Up Yet

The Bachelor is here to make 2021 somewhat tolerable, and Matt James’ contestants are already, dare I say, awesome. But today we’re here to talk specifically about Michelle Young. Never heard of her? That’s because she hasn’t technically joined Matt’s season yet. According to Reality Steve, Michelle’s expected to show up—along with four other surprise contestants—after Rose Ceremony #2:

Because Michelle isn’t on the show yet there’s not a ton of information out there about her, but we did some digging anyway due to being professional detectives.

She Literally *Just* Got Instagram

According to Reality Steve, 27-year-old Michelle’s handle is @michelle.young.1, and her very first post was from back in April 2020:


A post shared by Michelle Young (@michelle.young.1)

Since then, she’s only posted twice, and once was to wish her friend happy birthday:


A post shared by Michelle Young (@michelle.young.1)

She Lives in Minneapolis

We know this because of the location tag on her third and most recent pic—but honestly she could have just been there on a trip, whomst knows:


A post shared by Michelle Young (@michelle.young.1)

This is basically everything the internet has unearthed about Michelle…which is kinda refreshing, if you ask me. Considering so many people go on this show to become influencers, coming across someone with a chill online presence is a breath of fresh air. Clearly, Michelle is here for the….wait for it….RIGHT REASONS.

But before we go, there’s one more kinda major thing we know about Michelle, and it also happens to be a huge spoiler for Matt’s season, so….on that note….


She’s In Matt’s Final Four

Reality Steve confirmed this info, reporting that Michelle makes it to Matt James’ final four contestants along with Serena Pitt, Rachael Kirkconnell, and (potentially) Bri Springs. If you want to know whether or not she actually won, head here:

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