Miriam Margolyes missing partner of 52 years as they self-isolate apart

Miriam Margolyes has admitted that she’s missing her partner of 52 years as they self-isolate away from each other during coronavirus.

Heather Sutherland and Miriam have been in a relationship for decades, but have never lived together, preferring their own personal space.

But now they’re in lockdown and unable to see each other, Miriam, 78, admits that she has been struggling without her, and that she wants Heather around her more than she realised.

Speaking on This Morning, Miriam said: ‘I would have loved that [being locked down with her].’

‘Actually I don’t know whether she would because she’s an introvert,’ the actress admitted.

‘So she likes to be quiet and get on with work. She’s writing a book about Indonesia.’

But the Harry Potter star, who has taken to talking to passers by outside her London home in order to be more social, reckons that she’s learned a lesson in isolation and will be with Heather more once they’re reunited.

Miriam continued: ‘But I would have loved that, I’m not afraid of it, and I think that we will really try to be together from now on.

‘Because that’s what life’s about – loving someone. I was lucky enough to find someone who was prepared to love me.’

‘I’m not that lovable you know,’ she added. ‘I’m smelly and noisy and all that sort of thing.

‘But she loves me, and I want to be with her for the rest of my life.’

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

In the meantime, Miriam is trying to make herself useful and wants to help teach senior citizens how to use

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