Molly-Mae Hague quits Twitter as trolls abuse her over £8k giveaway of her own designer handbags

MOLLY-Mae Hague has quit Twitter after she was abused by cruel trolls over her £8,000 designer handbags giveaway .

The post has now been liked and shared over a million times on Instagram and cruel trolls have taken to Twitter to complain about the posts clogging their feeds.

One wrote: "£10 to any girl that hasn’t entered Molly-Mae’s giveaway."

Another sarcastically tweeted: "Anyone know if Molly-Mae’s doing a giveaway???"

While others wrote: "Give us a tenner Molly."

After the backlash Molly tweeted: "£10 to any boy that’s not tweeted ‘£10 to any girl thats not entered Molly-Mae’s giveaway’….. terms and conditions apply x."

She then took to Instagram stories to explain the comments have upset her.

"I've been kind of trying to not look at Twitter too much just because even though it's meant to be a lovely thing and something we can all enjoy together people still have their mad opinions on it always," she said.

"And I'm one of those people that do tend to read things and I do tend to let it get to me but I just made this giveaway for something for us all to enjoy together, a way that we can celebrate having a million subscribers together and also a way for me to give back was the main thing .

"I wouldn't have any of this stuff without you guys, I wouldn't be able to do any of the things I do .

"Like even be where I am now in Milan that wouldn't be happening without you guys so it's just a way I can give back and say thank you really."

The Love Island star is giving away £8,000 of designer goods to her fans – and footing the bill herself.

The 21-year-old star – who is worth millions with boyfriend Tommy Fury – is giving one lucky follower the chance to get their hands on six Louis Vuitton bags, a variety of Apple goodies and some products from her own beauty range.

To mark hitting 1m followers on YouTube, the reality favourite has created this bargain of a deal where followers have to like the post and tag a friend, subscribe to her YouTube channel and also follow her personal and fake tan account with a chance to win.

With a snap of her posing next to all the goodies on offer, she wrote: "I can’t put into words what this means to me.

"Since the age of 16 I’ve had this dream and goal in my mind and today we did it… my mind is blown.

"Without you guys this dream would never have become a reality, so it’s only right that I give back. THIS IS MY CRAZY GIVEAWAY!!!!"

She has ended up flooding Instagram with the image herself after offering fans a bonus entry if they repost it on their own accounts.

To make sure she made herself crystal clear about the rules and regulations of the competition, she added: "This giveaway is not a paid partnership or in any way an affiliation of any brands that are included.

"Everything included has been purchased by me for this giveaway for you all to enjoy. The winner will be picked at random."

Molly, who shot to fame on the fifth series of the popular ITV2 dating programme last year, can definitely afford it after cashing in a serious amount of money since her stint on the show.

Molly and boyfriend Tommy have been out of the villa for over a year now and Ellie Belly’s co-parents are raking in the cash with an estimated worth of £2million.

Molly got off to a flying start with her PrettyLittleThing clothing range which netted her £500,000 and on social media she can make £10K per Insta post.

Mayo-lover Tommy starred in a Hellmann’s ad, has a deal with BoohooMAN plus he combines boxing with telly appearances.

During her time in the villa, fans dubbed her "Money-Mae," after she "fake cried to win the £50,000 cash prize".

The Instagram star came under fire numerous times from viewers who were convinced she was pretending to like Tommy in a bid to get to the final.

However the lovebirds are still going strong and are currently living their best lives in their £1.3m Manchester home with huge terrace, all-grey interior and massive sofas.

Although back in May, the pocket rocket did admit that going on Love Island was a "business move," confirming that she has six-figures in her bank account.

The blonde beauty opened up during an "assumptions" challenge for one of her YouTube videos, answering honestly after fans made a series of assumptions about her life.

One read: "You went on Love Island as a business move".

Molly replied: "That's a good one actually… Yeah I did, if I am being completely honest."

And it's safe to say that the move paid off, with the reality star also revealing that she has made an eye-watering amount of money since leaving the show.

Another assumption read: "You have six figures in your bank account".

Looking a bit sheepish, Molly replied: "Yeah… We will just leave it at that. Six figures, yeah… Yep."

Yesterday Molly flew off to Milan for her third holiday in three months.

At the end of July she treated herself and Tommy with a trip to Ibiza and a month later jetted off to Crete with pal Maura Higgins.

While Molly is enjoying the fashion capital of Italy, Tommy and boxer brother Tyson have been road tripping around Scotland.

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