Money Heist plot hole: Why didn’t Manila take part in the first heist? Huge timeline error

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Money Heist fans will remember the character of Manila (played by Belen Cuesta) was introduced in season four of the hit Spanish series. She was revealed to be a member of the heist after being visible as part of the hostages during season three. However, some viewers were left wondering why she was not part of the initial heists in the first two outings.

Why did Manila not take part in the first heist?

Season four of Money Heist revealed how another member of the team had been hiding in plain sight all along.

Manila was first introduced in episode five when Denver (Jaime Lorente) and his father Moscow (Paco Tous) were seen in a flashback.

They were pleading with the Professor (Álvaro Morte) to invite Moscow’s godson Juanito to join the team.

Then in a later scene, the character was introduced as Julia after it was revealed she had transitioned.


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Back in the present day, Julia revealed her code name was Manila as it became obvious she had been spying for the heist gang among the hostages.

However, some viewers have pointed out a confusing plot hole about her involvement in the heist.

This is due to the fact these flashbacks were she was first introduced are from before the first heist.

This is evident because Moscow is involved in bringing her on to the team, and viewers will remember he was killed in part two.

So while Manila is in season three as eagle-eyed viewers will notice she was part of the hostages, she did not take part in the earlier heist.

This was the team’s attack on the Royal Mint of Spain, which was the focus of the first two outings.

User Retrolad90 posted on Reddit: “Maybe I missed it but is there any explanation as to why she never took part in the Royal Mint of Spain Heist?

“Her character is introduced to us in a flashback with Moscow and it looks like she is going to be part of the gang there but of course she doesn’t feature in the first two parts.”


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Another fan named Potential-Highlight replied: “Because it’s a plot hole. Marseille (Luka Peroš) too.

“He attended Berlin’s wedding with the Professor, so he was obviously close to them.

“Yet when the Professor and Berlin did the Royal Mint heist, they didn’t think of inviting him to join, but invited a bunch of random people instead.”

A third named JKJK_4 also voiced their annoyance, adding: “Everyone asks this, no one knows the answer.”


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Manila’s absence was not explained during season four, but some fans are hopeful it might be mentioned in the upcoming fifth series.

Another fan called Nastie22 posted in response, writing: “Maybe in the next part?”

Season five of Money Heist has not been officially greenlit by Netflix yet but the creator of the show Alex Pina has revealed it is on its way.

Fans will just have to wait and see whether this plot hole is answered in part five of the show.

Money Heist seasons 1-4 are available to watch on Netflix now.

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