Money Heist season 5 theories: The Professor’s death ‘sealed’ as fan spots big clue

The first season of Netflix’s acclaimed Spanish thriller was praised for its sharp and sexy spin on the heist genre. As Money Heist unloads yet another major twist on the audience, fans have come up with some convincing theories for the next instalment.

Spanish export Money Heist quickly became a surprise hit for the streaming platform when it introduced international audiences to the gripping Spanish series.

Led by compulsive workaholic The Professor (played by Álvaro Morte), the team attempt to pull off two of the most seamless heists the world has ever seen.

The team of professional criminals first try to take down the Royal Mint of Spain, but the Professor soon finds out even the most detailed plans can be sabotaged when emotions start running high.

Money Heist has since garnered high expectations and a reputation for complex and heated interpersonal character dynamics, and fans were thrilled when the series returned earlier this year.


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However, the explosive season finale left several questions still unanswered, and viewers are forced to wait to discover whether Sierra (Najwa Nimri) will spare the Professor or pull the trigger at the beginning of season five.

Things were moving ahead on pre-production for the fifth part of the thrilling series, but the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has put filming on hold.

In the meantime, fans have been delving into the mysterious backstory of the Professor, and may have unearthed an insightful clue that may point towards his eventual demise. 

Some fans took to Reddit to discuss how the criminal mastermind’s father could be the key to unlocking his fate on the series.

Reddit user _perry_the_plattpus posted: “So, I’m positive that the bank of Spain heist is somehow going to go down hill with a s*** ton of dead folks.”

Spoilers ahead: the bungled heist of the first two seasons already led to the deaths of several major characters, including the unstable Berlin (Pedro Alonso) and family man Moscow (Paco Tous).

If the current trends are any indication, fans would be wise to assume a fifth season will contain another onslaught of bloodshed.

The fan continued: “I also feel like the series would end with the Professor getting shot just like his father.”

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Money Heist eventually revealed the Professor’s motive for becoming a major criminal was linked to the death of his father, who was killed attempting a heist of his own.

Translation issues and ambiguous scripts have also led the relationship between the Professor and Berlin to become shady, with many fans concluding Berlin could be the fatally ill brother of the Professor whom their father was stealing money for.

Fans are speculating the Professor could meet a similar fate as his dead father, as the mastermind’s tragic death during an elaborate heist would make for a poignant moment of poetic justice.

Meanwhile, another fan lamented the supposed dip in quality during the more recent seasons, and hoped the Professor’s death could mark a decisive finale for the series.


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They added: “This would actually be a good ending. The show has gotten cheap and contrived.

“We’ll probably get a happy ending anyway because all the characters have damn thick plot armor. Either that or they’ll milk it until season six.”

Production on season five has been put on hold amid the ongoing pandemic, but there has been no confirmation on whether Money Heist will be ending or continue into a sixth season.

Money Heist is available to stream on Netflix.

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