Murder on Middle Beach director reveals the next steps in the Barbara Hamburg investigation after cliff-hanger finale

MURDER on Middle Beach director Madison Hamburg has revealed the next steps to finding out who killed his mother Barbara.

The four-part docuseries followed the first-time director as he tried to find out who stabbed and bludgeoned his mom to death outside her home in the affluent Connecticut town of Madison in 2010.

The show has gripped viewers ever since it landed on HBO Max last month.

Yet, audiences were left stunned when the docuseries ended with no arrests or clearer image of who carried out Barbara's murder on last night's nail-biting finale, titled 'Reasonable Doubts'.

And although viewers were left disappointed by the cliff-hanger, Madison, , who was 18 at the time of his mother's death, has revealed that he's closer than ever to finding answers after getting a "flood of new information".

Speaking to the Observer, he said: "I have had a flood of new information that has corroborated things that people said. It has corrected some theories and has presented new information.

"I don’t want to outwardly say that I know what happened to my mom or who did it, but I do feel that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

"I think the investigation is about to enter a new chapter—one that’s a little more transparent when it comes to working with law enforcement."

Throughout the series, viewers watched as Barbara's murder investigation was mishandled by Madison County Police – but the filmmaker said they have been more "transparent" with their investigation.

Madison, who worked with a private investigator, wouldn't confirm whether the breakthroughs have come from his side or the authorities.

He added: "It’s too early to talk about it, but I have a lot more transparency now where the combined effort between what I’ve already done in terms of the investigation and what I’ve seen that the police have done could open the door for a new chapter."

The documentarian said his "tip line [] has been getting hits on a daily basis", and was "sure it’s been the same for the police."

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