Naked and Afraid star Matt Alexander ‘arrested for beating girlfriend and holding her against her will in a car’ – The Sun

NAKED And Afraid star Matt Alexander was 'arrested for beating his girlfriend and holding her against her will in a car.'

The former reality TV star appeared in the Discovery show back in 2016 and spent 21 days in a jungle in the Philippines.

Matt was arrested in Louisiana for domestic battery and false imprisonment, TMZ reported on Saturday.

The Naked and Afraid contestant and his girlfriend allegedly had a fight on Sunday, which turned violent.

According to law enforcement, Matt and his girlfriend had been driving down Interstate 10 when they started arguing.

During the argument, she claimed that he hit in the face several times.

She also told police that Matt had kept her in the car for 40 minutes before she was able to escape.

Police allegedly reported that she had bruises on her face and her left eye was red due to busted blood vessels.

Matt was arrested in his home a day after his girlfriend went to the police.

He was released after posting a $35,000 bond.


The Louisiana native appeared on Naked and Afraid back in 2016 and left after three weeks.

He described the experience in a confessional interview as "awkward" because he had to be naked in front of another woman.

During his time in the show, he came down with a virus but he described the act of trying to survive the jungle as "second nature."

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