Naked Attraction babe hospitalised after romps with well endowed match

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Former Naked Attraction contestant Tracy Kiss appears on Tuesday night’s highlight special to talk about her 2016 match, Mark who supposedly landed her in hospital three times with his large package.

Speaking to Anna Richardson, Tracy said that she and Mark had gone on to date for a year after their appearance on the show.

The model said: “Mark was known for his big package, I think, you know, for every woman when you have children it changes down there.

“It definitely helps having that extra package.

“He put me in hospital a few times with it, but I'm OK.”

While the pair may have a great match in the bedroom, sadly things did not work out.

A year after their first meet, the telly couple parted ways and Tracy has since been in a two-and-a-half-year long relationship with her new partner that she met on dating app Tinder.

Tracy’s first visit to the Naked Attraction studio was not without controversy though, as the mother first stirred up audiences with the way that she described her vagina in that 2016 episode.

Referring to her privates as a jam jar and a beef sandwich, Twitter lit up like fireworks with comments from stunned viewers.

One Twitter user tweeted: “I’m sorry but the ‘beef sandwich’ comment on Naked Attraction absolutely killed me.”

Some fans of the show were mortified by the description, even to the point of vowing to quit watching the show entirely.

Coronation Street's Sally Ann Matthews said: “Tracy’s ‘beef sandwich’ is the final straw. Won’t be stumbling across that programme again.”

While there were mixed feelings about the naming of her parts, Tracy did go on to pair up with Mark and return years later to entertain fans once more with what happened after.

Former Page 3 babe Tracy previously told Daily Star: "I said, 'Can't we see them with erections so I know what I'm dealing with,' and they told me they weren't allowed.

"The studio was actually very cold for the purpose of keeping them down. They were all complaining, 'It's shrivelled! It wouldn't normally be this small!' and I just couldn't stop laughing."

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