Netflix fans horrified by grisly Snowpiercer amputation scene where arm is frozen solid and shattered with hammer – The Sun

SNOWPIERCER left fans squirming in disgust at "brutal" scenes of amputation in the gripping Netflix series.

Those tuning in to the adaptation of the 2013 film and book, starring Jennifer Connolly, might not have been prepared for the typical punishment on the ice age train.

This method of amputation sees train bosses coat a passenger's bare arm in water and then push it through a hole in the train.

Because of the fact there's ice age conditions outside the carriage, it consequently freezes to a crisp.

Yet the pain continues as the person, in this case a devastated mother, sees her arm cleanly amputated courtesy of a hammer blow, with her stomach- curling screams featured on the eerie series trailer.

Viewers of the original Netflix movie were somewhat primed for the disgusting technique, yet newbie Snowpiercer fans took to Twitter in disgust, with one writing: "Damn! Her arm. Omg! That’s brutal!"

Another put: "It's kind of crazy how the movie didn't actually show the arm smashing but the show did."

A third continued: "The arm freezing scene is so horrifying they use it almost verbatim in the new TV show… to much the same effect."

One strong-stomached-viewer commented: "The Frozen Arm Punishment scene is one of my favorite scenes from the Snowpiercer movie.

"The changes they made to the scene made it even more harder to watch."

One mused: "Imagine watching your mother getting her arm frozen and smashed off.

"That little girl must be mortified!!"

Another commented: "Turned her arm to a iceberg.. sheesh #SnowpiercerTV."

A Netflix viewer surmised: "The fact that they poured liquid on the arm to make sure it hurt & froze immediately… these people are savages."

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The graphic novel the story originates from became a four part series and was created by Jacques Lob.

It's about a dystopian world in which humans are facing an ice age and they are forced to live on a train made up of 1,001 cars that continually drives around the world.

The conditions across the train vary between first class and lower class passengers.

Unlike the film, there will be extra characters added in this series along with longer story-lines.

Netflix bosses have said of the sci-fi series: "1,001 cars long, the Snowpiercer circles the globe endlessly, divided into classes, with the rich elites up front and impoverished 'tailies' in the back.

"Snowpiercer tells the story of what happens when those who have been oppressed their whole lives decide to resist, rise up, and revolt."

The trailer starts with the telling phrase: "Seven years ago the world ended, now the train is all that's left."

The show focuses heavily on the class differences between those at the front and back of the train.

Daveed Diggs plays the main character, Layton Wells, a character that is stuck at the back of the train and rebels to get to the front.

Daveed was in the original Broadway production of Hamilton.

Jennifer Connelly plays Melanie Cavill, the voice of the train.

She is an upper-class passenger that is intrigued by the lower-class 'tailies'.

She asks him: "What do you see when you look at this train?" as he replies: "I see a fortress to class."

Netflix has not released the episodes in their entirety, with one uploaded every Monday.

The third episode will be added on Monday June 1.




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