New Amsterdam Boss Talks Lauren's Sexuality and Her Romance With Leyla — Plus, Watch the Doc's Big Declaration

New Amsterdam doc Lauren Bloom and her live-in love interest Leyla are taking their relationship forward in a big way in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek from this Tuesday’s episode (NBC, 10/9c).

“I don’t think Leyla’s the first woman Bloom has been with. Leyla’s the first woman Bloom has been in a relationship with,” showrunner David Schulner clarifies to TVLine. And in the above video, Bloom makes that distinction very clear, before confessing something even bigger to Leyla.

Bloom’s surprising Season 3 romance was the brainchild of new staff writer Shanthi Sekaran, who “came in with her ideas about the show and about the characters, just from the fan perspective, stuff that we’ve never talked about or never discussed,” Schulner says. “She pitched the whole story out with Leyla from day one. ‘Bloom finds a doctor who she clashes with, finds out she’s homeless and stashes her in the closet at New Amsterdam. Eventually, she gets found out and has to move in with Bloom, and they develop a romance together.’ She just pitched that on day one, and I was like, ‘Great! Let’s do that!’”

Through the unexpected relationship, the medical drama has been able to reveal aspects of Bloom’s sexuality and past that heretofore had been unexplored. (Her previous two love interests on the show were both men.) “I think what’s great is it tells the audience you don’t know everything about any of our characters,” Schulner notes, “and there are more surprises, and there are more revelations, and the characters are richer and deeper and will continue to grow throughout the series.”

Looking ahead at the couple’s future — there are just two episodes left to air this season — Schulner teases, “Lauren will get tested and have to decide how important Leyla is to her and how much she’s willing to risk to keep Leyla close.”

Press PLAY above to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your hopes for Lauren and Leyla!

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