New Scooby-Doo Movie Skips Theaters, Here's How To Watch It Right Now

Back in April, Warner Bros. announced the latest Scooby-Doo animated film–Scoob!–would be skipping theaters and headed straight to VOD, as theaters have been and will be closed for the foreseeable future thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, Scoob is available to rent on VOD.

This is the first feature-length animated Scooby-Doo movie made for a theatrical release, even though it’s now VOD. The film is an origin story of how Scooby and Shaggy met and became friends. The film will also explore how the duo joined Fred, Velma, and Daphne and formed Mystery Inc. The film stars Will Forte as Shaggy, Gina Rodriguez as Velma, Zac Efron as Fred, Amanda Seyfried as Daphne, Frank Welker as Scooby-Doo, and Mark Wahlberg as Blue Falcon.

The film is available to both rent and buy. Renting costs $20, and you have 30 days to start the movie, with a 48 hour watch window afterwards. Or you can buy the movie for $25 through the various retailers listed below.

Where to watch Scoob:

  • Amazon
  • Fandango
  • Google Play
  • Vudu
  • iTunes

Currently, the movie sits at a score of 43 on GameSpot’s sister site Metacritic, with eight positive critic reviews, 10 mixed, and nine negative.

With Universal Pictures, skipping the theatrical release of Trolls: World Tour to go straight to digital download caused some issues with Regal Cinemas and AMC; however, Warner Bros. has reassured theater chains it will continue to work with theater owners in the future.

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