Nick Corderoro’s wife Amanda Kloots sees husband for the first time in 79 days as she visits him in hospital – The Sun

NICK Cordero's wife Amanda Kloots reunited with her husband in hospital for the first time in 79 days.

Amanda, 38, went to the Cedars-Sinai hospital in LAwhere her Broadway-star husband was first admitted for coronavirus in late March.

The personal trainer took to her Instagram stories to tell fans the good news.

She wrote: "Guess where I'm heading!!!", and shared photo of her ICU visitor's pass with a GIF that read, "hallelujah".

Nick's coronavirus journey has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs and it was all getting too much for Amanda who has been supporting him while single-handedly raising their son, Elvis, 1.

She fought back tears as she admitted: "My status is basically I feel like I'm getting to the point where I'm getting emotionless.

Amanda has been spending a lot of time at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital where Nick is getting treatment
She showed fans her ICU visitor's pass
Amanda finally had some good news about Nick's blood pressure
Amanda shared the heartwarming pic of holding hands with her husband

But along with her hospital visit, she also had some good news for fans, "Nick's blood pressure gets better."

"Do you guys want to know some good news, and the power of prayer?" she asked on Instagram.

"Yesterday, Nick's blood pressure in the morning, his medicine was at 32 mcg, now it's at 3."

Nick had suffered complications from COVID-19 which forced doctors to amputate his right leg because of blood clots.

Earlier this month Amanda revealed Nick had started stem cell treatment in the hope it will help "strengthen" Nick's lungs.

She opened up, saying: "You feel like sometimes there's lots of hope and then sometimes there's not as much hope.

"We're basically trying to see if we can get him stable and strong enough to have more options.

"It's monotonous and hard on a daily basis – very, very hard."

Amanda revealed that the latest CT scan on Nick's lungs wasn't great and that he wouldn't "survive" a lung transplant.

The Broadway star's wife Amanda Kloots teared up as she reflected on all the "firsts" he's missing while fighting the deadly virus in hospital.

Amanda shared a joyful video of Elvis – who turned one last week – walking on Instagram, enthusing: "We have a WALKER!!!!!"

She then spoke of her devastation at Nick, 41, missing the milestone, in a series of emotional clips on her Instagram Stories.

The fitness instructor told fans: "Elvis took his first steps today. I missed them, but his grandparents saw them and that's adorable and as soon as he saw me he did it for me so that's really cute.

"Of course my mind went right to Nick and Nick missing that moment and that wasn't easy."


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