Nine Coronation Street spoilers for next week – Yasmeen slashes Geoff to death and Dev makes a huge decision

YASMEEN Nazir slashes her husband Geoff Metcalfe with a bottle next week in Corrie and leaves him for dead after he attacks her with a knife.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening on the ITV soap next week…

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1. Yasmeen gets a shocking diagnosis

Yasmeen is shocked out of her skin when Dr Gaddas informs Yasmeen that she’s tested positive for chlamydia

When Yasmeen confronts her husband, Geoff immediately accuses her of cheating on him but she wastes little time in bringing up the escorts he’s been sleeping with.

But Geoff viciously tells her she must have caught the STI from Sharif. 

Yasmeen is confused and hurt by his accusation. 

2. Geoff forces Yasmeen to wear his escort’s dress

Sally invites Geoff and Yasmeen to The Bistro reopening. 

But as they get ready for the event, Geoff sneers at Yasmeen’s dress and forces her to put on a revealing one that he’s chosen. 

After the event, Geoff reveals that it’s actually one of his escort’s dresses. 

Yasmeen feels sick at his confession and a fight ensues. 

3. Geoff launches at her with a knife

As they fight about the dress and escorts, Geoff flies into a rage and launches at Yasmeen with a knife. 

She cowers in the corner, terrified of what he might do. 

4. Yasmeen bottles Geoff

Then, in self-defence, she grabs a bottle and lashes out at him with it. 

The bottle smashes and Yasmeen ends up slicing his kneck with the broken shards. 

Geoff slumps to the ground as Yasmeen watches on in horror. 

She panics and calls 999, telling the operator she’s killed her husband. 

5. Gary gets a visitor

Gary receives a visit from Kelly’s mum at the furniture shop. 

He pretends to have been in touch with Rick and knows he’s still paying Kelly’s Oakhill School fees. 

Gary then tells Claire she’ll be in trouble if Rick finds out she’s been pocketing the money. 

Claire looks worried at Gary’s warning and hurries off. 

6. Kelly’s mum abandons her

Kelly confides in Summer that she’s been abandoned by her mum and has nowhere to live. 

Billy agrees to let Kelly stay at their flat for a while until she gets herself sorted.

With Kelly now right on Gary’s doorstep, has he just made things a whole lot worse for himself?

7. Daniel returns

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Daniel return from his retreat in Scotland – where he’s shacked up to come to terms with losing Sinead. 

The upcoming scenes will see Ken delighted when Daniel tells him it’s been a very positive experience. 

Will Daniel return with a new lease of life?

8. Asha spirals

Asha’s nightmare continues as Dev reports the revenge porn incident to the school. 

Asha is devastated that he’s made matters worse for her when she’s picked on by her peers in the kebab shop. 

She begs her dad to withdraw his complaints but he refuses. 

9. Dev withdraws his complaints

When Asha receives more nasty messages, she throws her phone to the floor and stamps on it in despair. 

When Dev sees the pain his daughter is suffering, he finally withdraws his complaints. 

But will Asha’s nightmare ever be over?

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